Saturday, March 29, 2014

Emergency Couple Episode 17: It’s Okay

On this episode of Emergency Couple:
Saying goodbye, friends stick together, Moms connect to each other, things are not over, and why do you have my ring?

Death brings about a lot of things but one good thing it can do is bring families closer. This episode is no different. I hope Crazy Mom has buried the crazy part of herself away. Maybe bad choice of words, but I think they fit in this case. Chang Min’s mom really hasn’t done herself any good as she was a destructive Mom and wife. With the passing of her husband, she has been enlightened about her altitude. Her scenes in this episode were heartbreaking. Humble Pie times a million is what she got by her husband dying.

I truly do think she wants the best for her son and husband. She just never showed it in the right way. I was worried she would blame Jin Hee for everything like she did in the earlier episodes. Instead a grief stricken woman thanks Jin Hee for trying to save her husband. The wild crazy mom actually takes Jin Hee’s hand to tell her how much her husband cared for her like his daughter. Chang Min’s Mom sees the woman her husband adored for their son. This may not make up for the way Chang Min’s Mom treated Jin Hee in the past, but it is a good start for her to make amends.

When Jin Hee’s Mom comes to pay her respects is down right sad. These two women who hated each other just an episode or so ago, now have something to connect with each other with. Jin Hee’s Mom understands what Chang Min’s Mom is going through as she has been down the road before. Jin Hee’s Mom giving the advice for Chang Min’s Mom to keep on living was down right sweet and sad. The sincere coming off these two woman is just painful know why but I am happy something good can come from the painful death.

Chang Min is just defeated in this episode. I can’t say I blame him. He has been rejected by Jin Hee and than his father dies. He looks so lost in the episode like he doesn’t know what to do next or how to do on. He has no one to turn to for comfort. Jin Hee has made it crystal clear she doesn’t want to start over with Chang Min. He is trying to keep to her wishes by telling her to leave both at the funeral and when she comes to check on him.

Funny how Jin Hee wanted space but when tragedy hits she runs back to Chang Min. “The lady doth protest too much”. Jin Hee has been denying her feelings toward Chang Min. The wedding dress and the ring she has kept is a clear give away. Both of these two need each other as they both lost a Father. A good thing over Dad’s death will be these two comforting each other to start their second chance.

I’m disappointed the show didn’t get to the heart of Chang Min and Jin Hee’s relationship. I was hoping to see these two get their second chance not trying to see if they will. I do kind of feel the writer spent too much time setting things up and now the writer is trying to resolve all the problems within a short period of episodes. I can’t be sure if this is because the episodes are 21 vs 16 episodes. Maybe the writer thought it had all the time in the world and forgot until episode 15 “Oh crap, I have to get the leads together”. I think Chun Soo and Jin Hee’s crush should have been earlier than 6 episodes toward the end.

This doesn’t mean I haven’t had fun with the drama. I still enjoy the crap out of the drama regardless of its faults. I just hope we get to see our OTP together and are able to talk about their problems from the past so their future doesn’t repeat. I want the drama to do what it set out to do, show a divorce couple given a second chance at love and win this time around. It has been a slow comedy ride but I just hope it deliver toward the end.

The Sum Up:
Grab your box of tissues, its going to be a tearjerker ride