Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Emergency Couple Episode11: Take me far from home

On this episode of Emergency Couple:
You are not the baby’s daddy, doctor becomes care taker, another doctor gets labeled as Friend, and still hiding the ex from mom.

Let’s jump into the swing of things right now. I am actually very happy Chun Soo is not the father. Knowing Chun Soo’s character, he would do some type of K-Drama trope which would probably annoy the crap out of me. Plus Ji Hye gets to keep being a pretty awesome character for being a single mom versus one who doesn’t tell the kid’s dad. It isn’t Ji Hye’s character to not be straight forward about things. I do wonder where their relationship goes from here.

Do they continue to be good friends and co-workers or can it turn into love? Chun Soo thinks fondly of the memories of the time he and Ji Hye were together by keeping that picture. I still think Ji Hye wants marriage and a family but she has accepted if the marriage part may not happen. Ji Hye isn’t falling into the jealous K-Drama character because Chun Soo might have feelings for someone other than her. Instead, she points it out to the girl he might have feelings because she still cares for Chun Soo. My hope for Ji Hye as a character is her daughter to be well and for her dreams to come true. For such an awesome character, she should get her “Happy Ever After” along with our main leads.

Chang Min has accepted his feelings towards Jin Hee. I am enjoying the crap out of watching him take care of her. It is sweet and kind to see him be so caring, but it does make me wonder when they will get to the heart of the matter. There is an elephant in the room and Chang Min is trying to not see it. For now, I am okay with him not talking about it. For him, he needs to remember the good from their marriage. Just by seeing the opening episode, I had wonder if right after the wedding the marriage went bad. I am glad to know their whole year together wasn’t all bad.

 I am glad Jin Hee isn’t easily telling Chang Min “Let’s try again”. We know Jin Hee still has feelings or why keep the dress and ring, but she doesn’t want to go through the hardships like before. She is not letting Chang Min woo her to the point she believes in fairy tales of him being her “Knight in Shining Armor”.  When Chang Min takes her to his apartment to take care of her, Jin Hee sarcastically says Chang Min must have got her hurt on purpose. Chang Min defensively points out it was her purse with the chain. Jin Hee was joking and Chang Min took the joke seriously which lead to Jin Hee thinking Chang Min blames her for getting hurt. From just this scene, these two seem to misunderstand each other.

Yes, these two tend to want to fight for who is right in wrong in any situation. A bit of misunderstanding between the two, but I think they both forget to think and care for the other person. Talking without fighting is something they need. But the elephant will need to be talked about. If Chang Min and Jin Hee don’t talk about what made their marriage fall apart, they won’t be able to have a second go. Jin Hee still has some hurtful feelings she needs to get over before she will accept Chang Min again. They both did things to protect themselves but all that protection did was hurt their marriage. They both need to learn in any relationship you have to give and take and to talk to each other fully.

The force to live with another trope, I hope they will get the chance to talk about their fail attempt at a marriage. As long as Crazy Mom stays far away, I believe this time with each other will help them work out the problems from the past. They are remembering there were good times which are important since we tend to have select memory at times and just remember the bad. These next few episodes will be very important for our couple to figure out if another go is possible. It can happen if they don’t repeat history. They can work together as a team. (See the elevator and first meeting). They need to take the teamwork from work and apply it to their relationship. Try talking and not misunderstanding their conversations as being an attack on the other person will be the first step to them growing as a character.

These next few episodes will make or break our couple. This drama is about second chances and I believe they will work out those issues. It is a matter of time before our couple will try another go. I just worry once they work on their issues of each other and together as a couple, when the outside world will start tumbling down on them. What happens when people find out they use to be marriage? How does it affect them trying again? Lots more story to tell and I just can’t wait till they work out their issues to get to the sweet and cuteness of them being in love.

The Sum Up:
When pointing a finger and blaming someone for something, remember there are three fingers pointing back at you.