Thursday, March 13, 2014

Emergency Couple Episode 13: Come Back Home

On this episode of Emergency Couple:
Back off mom because we are starting again, please don’t be nice and want to start; I worked hard for this new life, and the Chief just might have a crush on his intern

The evidence has been given to us about where Chun Soo’s feelings fall. Our Blank Chief (hee, hee) doesn’t give much away until Ji Hye pointed it out. I can’t say I am a shipper of these two, but I understand why this is happening. It is happening for many reasons. Chun Soo is a character who keeps his feelings very hidden within his heart. Seeing him open up to someone is nice to see out grumpy Chief become a bit of a human toward someone who isn’t a patient.

Poor Ji Hye for helping Chun Soo sees he has feelings for Jin Hee. She makes me think of the proverb, “If you love something set it free; if it returns it’s yours forever, if not it was never meant to be.” She may have feelings for Chun Soo but he may not. She is pushing him towards Jin Hee because she sees his heart flutter and wants to help him. She doesn’t want him to come to her because of her sick child. She doesn’t want pity love from Chun Soo. She wants him to want her for her, but he needs to figure out if Jin Hee is more than his intern. 

With each episode Ji Hye keeps becoming my favorite character of the Drama. She is willing to let her love go and support her friend and co-worker. She is also in somewhat of the same boat as Chang Min. She is the voice of reason for Chang Min and Chun Soo. With that being said, I now really want her to get her HEA ending. I want her to find away to save her daughter and find a man who wants to love not only her but her kid. You hear this Drama Gods. You hurt my favorite character; we are going to have words.

HUZZAH!!! The Drama Gods must’ve been listening since Chang Min finally stood up to Mommy Dearest. He won’t allow Mommy Dearest to be mean to Jin Hee anymore, which is about time. I am just sad it took him this long to see it. The best part of this episode was him finally talking to Jin Hee. He told her he was a stupid fool for not seeing the hardships she went through and will not make the same mistake twice. Talking and understand was one of the biggest problem of their relationship for before. 

He is coming clean evening to Ji Hye and Ah Reum about being married before. Granted, Ah Reum doesn’t know it is Jin Hee, but I think it is a matter of time before that cat gets out of the bag. He isn’t telling everyone about his ex-wife because he is finally trying to understand and wait for her. He has a long way to go before he has earned Jin Hee but he is on the right track to being able to win her back.

I don’t blame Jin Hee for not jumping at the chance to start over with Chang Min. She dealt with a lot of emotional abuse from both her husband and her mother-n-law. Who would want to get back on the Crazy mother-n-law and Chang Min rollercoaster after the first ride? Yep, can’t blame her because I wouldn’t want back on the ride either. I am glad she isn’t jumping along with his plans of starting over. She is and isn’t the same girl from before. She learned to become strong from her marriage and not to accept crap from her next relationship. 

Speaking of another relationship, she has another man looking at her. You all know my bias from my Drama Husband Choi Jin Hyuk, but I wouldn’t hate it completely for Jin Hee to go on a date with another man. She needs to have perspective to keep help her keep making healthy and smart choices.  But Kwang Soo is right about marriage. It takes practice and hard work to keep it going. Who knew Kwang Soo had such insight? Marriage is not the ending to the story but the beginning to the next chapter in the story of life.

The Sum Up:
Marriage is where the real work starts. Here is hoping our leads learn this lesson before they try again.