Saturday, March 29, 2014

Emergency Couple Episode 18: See What I See

On this episode of Emergency Couple:
What to do next, another day at the hospital, writing to Dad, everyone knows they’re not over but him, and it isn’t pity.

Where do you go from here? As I’ve said in the last post, Chang Min seems kind of lost. His Dad is gone and the girl he is in love with told him to stop. Yes, Jin Hee came to Chang Min when Ah Ruem called. In his mind, she is doing this because this is the type of person she is. Jin Hee is kind hearted and in as much pain as he is over the lost of his Dad. He believes she is there for him out of pity.

Pity can also mean “cause for regret or disappointment”. Yes, Jin Hee is there out of pity toward Chang Min. She understands the pain he is going through for two reasons. First, his Dad was one of the most important people in her life. He was her father-n-law and her mentor. He filled in the hole of father figure and helped her become the strong Doctor she is today. The second reason is she has lost her father too. She understands his anguish.

I also think deep down there is also regret she has over their marriage. She came clean to Chang Min about being just at fault in their marriage as he was. Jin Hee had no self esteem. Having a Monster-n-Law didn’t help matters but there is only so much Chang Min can do to encourage her. In the flashback, Chang Min tells her to stop calling herself a loser and sings for her to cheer her up. She put a lot of reasonability onto Chang Min as her husband. At the time, she only could think of her emotions. Basically, Chang Min and Jin Hee were both selfish in their marriage.

Since both of them have come clean about the bad in their marriage, I hope they can remember the good and make new memories. Drama Gods, please do not keep these two apart for much longer. If Chang Min continues to be an idiot, you might not like me when I’m angry. At this point, both parties have talked about their mistakes in the past. It is time to start looking towards the future and it better happen soon.

With Chang Min’s Mom worried for her son, I wonder what her plans are next. I hope this subdue version of Crazy Mom is going to go away. Really, I want to stop calling her crazy. I don’t want this character to be the stereotype with the evil Monster-n-law. Yes, I know the actress can be a b*tch of a mother, but this can only help the story so far until it is annoying than helpful.  Fingers Cross, the death of her husband helps her become more compassionate towards her son and Jin Hee.

Chun Soo really needs to punch the douchebag attending physician. He is the same guy who was pushing for interns to be fire over the patient in the elevator. I still don’t believe Jin Hee did anything wrong. I hope it comes out the mistake happen during the operation and he put the blame on the interns to cover it up. Please Chun Soo, the Almighty Chief put him in his place.

The Sum Up:
OMG just get together already!!!!