Monday, March 3, 2014

Golden Rainbow Update: It's Over

It has been awhile since I have done an update on Golden Rainbow. The Drama was hitting all my romantic buttons and was actually doing a decent job on not doing the normal tropes until this past episode. Do Young found out Baek Won is the long lost Ha Bin. The Drama went in the direction of Noble Idiot. He couldn’t prove his father is the master mind behind all the deaths and taking over Golden Group. He makes the choice to join hands with his father to undercover all his dirt to bring him down.

Do Young is putting his life on the line for Baek Won by giving her up. I understand his reasons but it doesn’t mean I have to like it. The Drama is only running with 40 episodes instead of the 50 episodes. Which means time is a wasting as there are only 7 episodes left. I was hoping for a wedding but I get the feeling there will not be one. Drama God you listen here, I was okay you killed Baek Won’s dad but I WILL NOT accept you putting Do Young on opposite sides of Baek Won. I don’t care if he is faking the whole thing. You fix this ASAP.

I thought Do Young would be a different character by telling his Dad to f-off many episodes ago. Why didn’t he just go to Baek Won? Why couldn’t you Drama have been different? Why couldn’t you have Do Young explain to Baek Won his plan to go undercover? Tell her they are going to have to be enemies for awhile until he gets the information to take his father down. This would have been different than him just being a Noble Idiot. You could make it seem like it is the truth but we don’t find out Baek Won was in on the whole thing until episodes later. No, you have to use the dumb trope.

Heck, I would have been fine with Do Young going to Man Won for help in his plan. At this point, I would take anything but what is happening now. I don’t mind a Noble Idiot once in a while but I have not patience for this one. Golden Rainbow is fun to watch because of Baek Won and Do Young. These two kids fighting for each other is the highlight of this Drama. You just took the one thing which makes watching Golden Rainbow fun.

Drama Gods the fate of this drama is in your hands do NOT screw this up. I am watching you.