Friday, March 21, 2014

Emergency Couple Episode 15: The Game is On

On this episode of Emergency Couple:
In this corner from a family of doctors but herself, Crazy Mom and in the other corner a mom with two daughters, Jin Hee’s Mom. This is the first time both Moms have seen each other since their kids were married. This match should be an interesting match but I can’t say who is going to win. Both of them have been looking good up till now. Really it could go either way, but I am leading towards Jin Hee’s Mom for the win.

The showdown between Jin Hee’s Mom and Crazy Mom is probably the highlight of this episode. Jin Hee’s mom is blindsided by the whole situation and will be yelling at Jin Hee next episode. She has a bit of a disadvantage unlike Crazy Mom who not only knows about Jin Hee working with her son but Chang Min still having feelings for her.

Speaking of Crazy Mom, raise your hand if everyone is done with her. *raises hand* I am so over this annoying evil Monster-n-Law from her. Yes, this actress doesn’t this type of character well, but I want more depth from her. I have stated before I hope she isn’t being type cast as the b*tchy mother, but it seems so far she is. Crazy Mom is continuing to meddle in her son’s life which is getting old. I get she wants her son to have a good and happy life but I don’t think she sees herself being part of the problem with Chang Min being happy. Plus Chang Min is a grown man who should be making his own choices and dealing with his own failures. Help him when he fails to build his life back up for him to learn, don’t make his failures for him.

The other thing about Crazy Mom which is driving me nuts is she won’t stop and listen to what others have to say. It is like she is driving a steamroller and doesn’t know how to stop the thing. She just continues to roll right over people. I am not surprised her husband stays away from her. Chang Min continues to tell her not to get involved with Ah Reum and himself and than tells her about Jin Hee. She chooses not to hear him and does her own thing. She needs a hobby. Heck, why doesn’t she just go back to school and FINALLY become a doctor herself. Maybe if she is busy with her own life she will stop butting into others.

Chang Min is doing something his Batsh*t crazy mom can’t do which is listening and respecting the wishes of someone other than himself. You can tell this is hurting him. He doesn’t want to sit and not fight for Jin Hee, but she doesn’t want it. It also doesn’t help Jin Hee doesn’t trust him. I can’t see Chang Min this down. I get the feeling you are going to keep pushing Chang Min down with his father too. I see what you are doing and I feel like I might cry.

With Chang Min letting Jin Hee has her space, she needs to figure out what she wants. Does she still want Chang Min or does she want something new. She may have a better insight on their past failures but we haven’t seen her deal with it. The wedding dress, the ring, and Chang Min’s father are things she kept in her life after her marriage was over. I can’t wait to see how she comes to terms with her part in their doomed first attempt to see if there is room to try again.

I love the Chief as a doctor and a person. I appreciate Chun Soo’s flaw when it comes to his views on divorce.  This is a normal problem and not just a KDrama trope. Our Chief has a backwards view when it comes to divorce as he is a child from a divorced family. It also seems like his parents where not much of parents. He still has the child’s hate towards his parent. If his parents left Chun Soo after their divorce, he should be madder at his parents for being horrible parents. I don’t think he see the differences between horrible parenting and couples divorcing. I agree with Ji Hye about Chun Soo making peace with his parents. I get the feeling this might make it difficult for him and Jin Hee to get together. I am not a fan of the Chief as a romantic item to Jin Hee.

Drama I want the romance part of the drama soon. I have been waiting and you have giving us some romance but I want more. Thank you for the extra episode, maybe. 15 episodes down and you got to give me some hope. I feel like I am stuck swimming in the ocean and not lifeboat in sight.

The Sum Up:
“Let's get ready to rumble!"