Thursday, May 8, 2014

Emergency Couple Episode 21 (FINAL) : The Ending

On this episode of Emergency Couple:

Being sent away with your sweetie, the meeting to start or beginning something, a new couple, and everything works out or does it in the end?

Let me tell you how much I hate Chun Soo trying to find Jin Hee to “confess” his feelings. I am not sure by telling Jin Hee he has feelings for her would do anything at this point. He missed his chance to confess. Maybe it would have help Jin Hee become more empowered when it comes to men, but at this late in the game what is the point. As for Chun Soo, I got he learned to open his heart to someone, but it still seems kind of douche to move from one girl to another. 

As I mention before, I’m still tore if Ji Hye should be with Chun Soo. Ji Hye is one of my favorite second leads probably in any KDrama I have seen. Her character never went down the road of evil jealous witch with a capital B. Ji Hye never had to get her crawls out to fight for her man or steal someone else’s man. In the end, she tried to help the man she loved knowing it wouldn’t benefit her. Ji Hye had realistic characteristic instead of coming off as the common KDrama second lead trope. This character was by far one the decent elements to the drama.

Going back to Ji Hye and Chun Soo, should he get the girl? Is it too late? I might have felt different if some time had passed. It just felt wrong seeing Chun Soo, running off to confess to one girl. Find out it is too late, to than make his way to the girl always beside him. Plus, she knows his feelings for Jin Hee. I guess what I am trying to get at here is I think Ji Hye should have better.

I didn’t completed hate the episode. The best ever was Jin Hee doing the dance at the window in her sexy red teddy. It was a good thing I wasn’t drinking when the scene came up or my computer might have died from getting soak by water. These cute moments with the couple I just wished there were more. It seemed we spent so much time doing something else we didn’t really get to see a couple see if they could be together again. 

The ending was a voice over not really telling me if this couple succeeded in a second chance. What is with the dumb endings of late? The drama is about a couple getting a second chance yet the drama spent episodes after episodes getting these two together. The ending never explains if a second chance is possible or not. We only saw them get back together to try again, but never got to see what happens after you get together. Getting together is only half the battle, trying to stay together is hardest part. 

I feel a little cheated. I wanted more than seeing these two just bickering and hating each other. The first part of the drama should have been them trying to get over their hate and anger. The first part of the second half of the episode should have been them falling for each other. The last bit of episodes would have them seeing if a relationship after all the years and what each other has been through could work this time around. The ending would answer for them if a second chance is possible. 

Emergency Couple was flawed with numerous issues yet was able to compensate those issues with charm, humor, and characters I really enjoyed. Despite my nitpicking of problems over all with the drama, I had fun. I think at some point I knew I had to lower my expectation and I fought hard to lower them. Having a few weeks to really think about how I felt about the ending I was disappointed. I had hoped for more, but ended up with a mess and lots of fluff. I enjoy a good fluff drama as much as the next, but with Emergency Couple being on a cable channel I held out hope it wouldn’t end up messy fluff. The drama isn’t the re-watching kind of fluff as say Heartstrings or Nail Shop Paris. The drama is way too long to be considering for that category.

  The Sum Up:

“There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story.”  Frank Herbert