Tuesday, May 27, 2014

You Are All Surrounded Episode 6: 108

On this episode:
Tempers run high, hidden identities don’t stay hidden, and our team finally wins one

Pan Seok finally gets his drink with Sa Kyung. These two may have a history but you can tell they respect one another as a detective. Surprisely the conversation is pleasant but emotional towards the end. Sa Kyung knew Pan Seok would be in Gangnam, but still made the move. Pan Seok admits he still doesn’t know anything when it comes to her. I think this is the first romantic thing they have said to each other in years. The real kicker of the scene is her telling him how she misses their son. She may have anger and blames her ex, but I believe she knows he is the only one who can share her agony.

It was amusing to see how much alike Pan Seok and Dae Gu have become. They both wear the same police PJs and have insomnia. It is uncanny how similar their nightly patterns are to each other. How sad and lonely these two have been over the years. It was heart breaking to witness Pan Seok put in an old tape of his son. I almost cried when Pan Seok starting talking back to his son. Than there’s Dae Gu falling asleep to kids shows. The scene ended up making me feel depressed and blue.

Prosecutor Han is a douchebag. I believe we are all in agreement. No, it wasn’t professional for Pan Seok to hit him. Yes, it was childish and irresponsible to use violence. However, I wish he could have hit him harder to smack some good sense into him. Bullies suck and Prosecutor Han is a bully. Hey Drama Gods, why couldn’t you have made him either lose his memories or wake up with a better personality? I would be quite content with a bad drama trope if it makes him not be irritating.

Scarface either got plastic surgery or his face wasn’t damaged which now makes it tricky for Dae Gu to locate him.The scar behind his ear hasn’t been fixed. Soo Sun could still pick him out if she remembers or he let her know his identity. Speaking of which, Scarface has figured out who Ji Yong happens to be nowadays. I speculate what he wants from Dae Gu. He didn’t see the man’s face for him to accuse Scarface for his Mom’s death. The question is what is Scarface’s plans and are they his owns or someone bigger than him?

Our poor team of rookies can’t get a break. Their Team Leader as accepted them as detectives and he leads his team to being disband. Eung Do does his best to console the kids and tries to keep a positive outlook on the situation. This doesn’t stop them for trying to find evidence to land Mr. Hit-and-Run from escaping justice. I wasn’t to astonished at Dae Gu going through Prosecuor Han’s wallet. Yes, Dae Gu has other motives for getting Pan Seok out of jail, but I ponder if he did it for the rest of the team too.

Wow, what a prodigious speech Pan Seok gave to the chauffeur. We are still peeling the layers of him with each episode. He comes to terms with not being a good father. He saw how proud his son was of him being a cop and wanted to be the best dad and cop for him. He was a good cop because of his dictation towards the job. That dictation is what made him a bad father. He wasn’t there for his son. Not easy lesson to learn, but it doesn’t make him a bad person.

Ha! I have to laugh at how Dae Gu got Pan Seok out of jail. This bit of information will give him a hand over Prosecutor Han for a small amount of time. Soo Sun is an emotional person which isn’t surprising she give Pan Seok a hug. How cute is this scene. Pan Seok feels awkward and Dae Gu is displeased.

Dae Gu lies about his grudge against Pan Seok. It only makes him want to know more about Dae Gu. He doesn’t get too far into investigating just the orphanage name. He isn’t going to figure out who Dae Gu yet. This is going to be his pet project for a time.

Speaking of figuring out, Soo Sun called him. Unlike Superman who can hide behind glasses, our hero’s identity is revealed. I knew some people have problems with force kisses, but this one is just hilarious. He doesn’t want Pan Seok to hear what she is saying and the only thing he can think of to shut her up is with his lips. But it is the reaction of Pan Seok like he walked into a room with his parents having sex. Haha!!!

Is Dae Gu going to convince Soo Sun he isn’t Ji Yong or let her in on his secret? Soo Sun has a hero-worship towards Pan Seok, this could affect his choice to accept her knowing his secret. I hope he does allow her to know. He needs someone to ground him and a pair of flesh eyes. He also needs her to soothe him when he has a nightmare too. *hint hint*

Once again the episode hit all the right buttons. I like the characters. We may not have everyones storyline out but we got 14 more episodes to get to them. This drama isn’t the be all to end all dramas, but it is fun. Is it Wednesday yet?

The Sum Up:
“Look it's the governor's' daughter”