Friday, May 9, 2014

You Are All Surrounded Episode 2: Long-D

On this episode:
The Misfits Rookies continue to fail, Our Team Leader is in an odd relationship with the New Missing Persons Team leader, Assemblyman could be evil or good, “James Bond” starts to stalk his boss, who is S, and our Misfits Rookies can actually do their job.

Our Misfits Rookies had it tough. Pan Seok clearly doesn’t want anything to do with his newbies. I don’t understand why he is so upset. Train the pups to be good detectives. Why is Pan Seok thinking this is hard? He had to have had someone take the time to train him. I hope he doesn’t continue to line the Rookies up to yell at them for not knowing how to do their job. TEACH them for crying out loud.

Sa Kyung has to be an old flame. I wonder if she and Pan Seok were supposed to marry and he got cold feet. Not to nitpick, the second slap she gave to Pan Seok her timing was off. The worst slap if I have ever seen. Despite Sa Kyung not being a good slapper, she is the new Team Leader for the Missing Persons unit. Ji Yong is a missing person. Of course, we know who is now, but I get the feeling Ji Yong will become part of a case both teams will work. 

 Who is Assemblyman Yoo? What we know is he isn’t on board with Chief Kang’s experiment on the rookies. Yet what does Chief Kang want? The scene with these two is unclear who is evil, good, or playing on the same team. I would bet money Assemblyman Yoo is evil. He wasn’t the nicest person in his last drama. I don’t think Chief Kang is evil, but it seems these two have history. I wonder if she found out Assemblyman Yoo is dirty. This makes me wonder how these two or one of them fits in with Ji Yong’s mother's murder and the young girl. 

Dae Gu goes all spy on us this episode. He starts by video stalking Pan Seok and copying his cell. I guess this is one way to figure out if Pan Seok had been involved in his mother’s death. Sadly for Dae Gu, I don’t believe Pan Seok is the dirty cop. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are bunches of people in the police department dirty. Hail Hydra!!!

Who is S? This was the person who called Dae Gu and gave him the police report. Is this person the one who helped Dae Gu disappear being Ji Yong? What is his connection to little Ji Yong? His mom said his dad was dead. She and he were to be married but he dies before the wedding. I wonder if this is truth or just white lies. Let say we buy the story, is S someone from his father’s side? If we don’t buy mom’s story, could S be his dad? Or worst his dad is the one who killed his mother? I wouldn’t put it past the drama gods. At this point, we can assume S is someone we don’t know.

Quick note, Soo Sun thinks Dae Gu looks familiar. Of course, Dae Gu knows who she is as he stated to S. His cover could be blown because of her. Soo Sun is a bit of a flake that stream rolls into everything. She was at the school when Ji Yong was being chased. She saw the man who was chasing Ji Yong with the scar behind his ear. The pendant he had dropped in the science class, I wonder if Soo Sun picked it up. She had to be talked to by the police when Ji Yong went missing. 11 years ago this girl wanted to become a Star and now is a cop. Pan Seok is very against her more than the other misfit rookies. I hope to see a bit more of what happen to her between than and now. 

Our Misfit Rookies are becoming cops. This episode we got to see Dae Gu’s special power of memory. This can be a useful tool and help him become one of the best cops or worst. The ways he can memorizes and see things is something but Dae Gu is still the boy under the bed. His mother’s murder follows him like a ghost. The trauma makes him a ticking time bomb. I just hope the bomb doesn’t explore in everyone’s face.  

Dae Gu is very much the straight guy in this drama. I don’t blame him for not being the happy go lucky guy. At some point I hope his character is able to smile. Seung Gi has a very pretty smile and would be a waste not to give him and the fans some happy. The rest of the cast has free range for the comedy part. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this kind of narration. It isn’t bugging me enough to turn off so a point for the drama. 

The Sum Up:
“Anderson, don’t talk out loud. You lower the IQ of the whole street.”-Sherlock