Friday, May 16, 2014

You Are All Surrounded episode 3: Put it Down

On this Episode:
It is rush week for our misfit rookies, wrapping up the credit card scam, evidence room is where peeping toms go, whatcha looking for in the desk?, and our misfit rookies get to leave the nest.

I knew the ending of last episode was going to be a fake out. I recognize the reason why the ending was left as such. It is to build the tension of Dae Gu becoming caught by Pan Seok. We know who he is evening if Dae Gu hasn’t come out to say it. Knowing this drama has 20 episodes, I didn’t think they would let the cat out of the bag this early. Hence the reason I wasn’t gullible to take the bait.

Pan Seok came out to say he would train the rookies. This brought me great joy to hear him say he would FINALLY do his job. I was too eager to celebrate along with the rookies as Pan Seok doesn’t believe any of them can become detectives. Isn’t he a meanie? Insert Pan Seok’s version of rush week for our rookies. Pan Seok will do anything to get these 4 to quit. How does he know they won’t make good detectives? He isn’t psychic who can see the future. He must not believe in his training abilities.

I would like to see our rookies become more of a team. Maybe this was what Pan Seok was trying to do with his version of rush week. Everyone has a reason why they became a cop. In Emergency Couple, Jin Hee’s explained her reasons for becoming a doctor were not honorable. The reasons these 4 become cops maybe not have been to save and help people but I think they will learn this is what they want to become must like our good Doctors from Emergency Couple. I hope we get some good group interaction. I want to see these 4 really bond.

Soo Sun seems to be at the right place wrong time this episode. First, it is Pan Seok and Sa Kyung in the evidence room together. Again the drama does little to explain why these two are on the outs. Pan Seok still has feelings as he is hesitant to touch Sa Kyung. Its the animal feelings he is keeping to himself. Pan Seok isn’t happy to find Soo Sun peeping. Than Soo Sun sees Dae Gu looking into Pan Seok’s desk. She happily uses this to blackmail him to help with their case.

Speaking of cases, Pan Seok lets his chicks have their own cases. Anyone else getting a bad feeling? Okay, lets give these kids a case without a supervisor being present. Are you out of your mind? I get this makes for good TV but whoever gets killed will be on the rookies but their supervisor. He is the moron who thinks they should go solo days after getting the job. Chief Kang’s rookie plan will fail only because her underlyings are dumb and want train the newbies.

Dae Gu and Soo Sun get a stalking case. Soo Sun’s heart is in the right place by wanting to help the poor girl. Dae Gu just doesn’t care about anything but his own case he is trying to work on. Those two make me love and hate them. Dae Gu is too serious and stuck up it makes it hard to really like him. Soo Sun is over the top goofy and innocent which tends to make her come across as annoying. There are times together they are fun to watch bickering but during the case I just wanted to slap the snot out of them. I do look forward to them being forced to room together. One of my biggest weakness is characters being forced living. Let the fun begin.

Dae Gu is learning a brutal lesson this episode. One small mistake can mean someones death. It might take awhile for Dae Gu to understand the connection between him and Pan Seok but I think it will help Dae Gu trust Pan Seok at some point. This is good for Dae Gu. His character need some humble apple pie. It will make him a better detective to learn his choices can mean someone’s death. 

The drama is still working out the kinks. Characters are still being ironed out. There is also lots of questions without answers. Not to mention, not a lot of clues to go by. We know Dae Gu and Pan Seok have a small amount of time as the statute of limitation is coming up in the murder case. The drama is still setting up things to tell a story. It has some time to work with but for its sake it doesn’t get stuck in limbo land.

The Sum Up:
You know, when you're a rookie, they can teach you everything about bein' a cop except how to live with a mistake. - Sergeant Al Powell (Die Hard)