Sunday, May 18, 2014

You Are All Surrounded Episode 4: Not That Kind of Person

On this episode:
Actions of your consequences, Dae Gu can see dead people, Soo Sun is invisible girl, an OTP is form as well as a new P4 group, and Scarface is back.

Someone tell me how Dae Gu still has a job after choking his boss? I knew the kid was angry but darn, you need to go and get some therapy. Killing Pan Seok is not going to bring back your mom. Yes, Dae Gu feels wronged by Pan Seok hence him becoming batman. Yet, he too feels responsible for his mom’s death. He talked his mom into testify. He has survivor's guilt. Dae Gu please don’t let this continue to build up. Come on and find someone to help you and not mystery S. Don’t know him enough to believe he is helping Dae Gu.

Anyone have ideas why Pan Seok is treating Soo Sun horrible? He wanted her gone since day one but in this episode it was like she was invisible to him. They don’t act like either of them new each other before working together. Romantic interest are far off the scale. What is it about Soo Sun, Pan Seok doesn’t like?

Speaking of Soo Sun, we know her dad is dead. We aren’t too sure how long ago it has been, but it seems Soo Sun’s dream was changed due to him. I can only guess something between father and daughter change. Did he die do to a violent crime much like Dae Gu’s mom? I can see how she would want to become a cop to protect others.

One of the things which is annoying in Dramaland is how everyone knows one another. Dae Gu and Soo Sun are connected being teens together. Dae Gu and Pan Seok are connected due to the murder mystery. Pan Seok and Sa Kyung are connected by marriage. Now Sa Kyung and Tae II are connect. How they are connected is the question. I’m thinking money and family. Tae II gives the impression of coming from money. I wouldn’t be shocked to find them connect by family means.

The last few episodes I’ve been bothered by Dae Gu and Soo Sun. Dae Gu’s is bitterly cooky where I just want to slap him. Soo Sun is a bit much which is just the acting needs to be tone down a snippet. This episode turned around my feelings for them. Thank you Tae II for putting the handcuffs on them. I about died with laughter over the antics these two gave more so when the crazy guy held everyone hostage.


They are in love, Ha!! Fat chance. My honey, bwahaha!!! Nailed it. That scene made me believe anything is possible between them. It also didn’t hurt Soo Sun explaining how she felt left alone to deal with their mistake when Dae Gu ran away. Partners shouldn’t leave when things get tough. Hey drama, I see what you did there. Good job because you sold me on this ship. More of these two like this and not being dumb. One can hold out some hope.

But the heart of this episode was the beginning of friendship. They may have had a couple of bad starts becoming detectives, but by working as a team they ended up getting the bad guy. I can’t wait to see more of these 4 becoming closer with each other. This bond of friendship will help these 4 overcome the troubles ahead of them.

Scarface guy is back in town. Thanks drama for making it look like Pan Seok actually knows this guy. Another fake out is in play. Scarface is calling Pan Seok because he knows there isn’t evidence to put him at the crime. Pan Seok knows he is the killer but has no proof. Basically the guy is sticking his tongue out at Pan Seok knowing he can’t do anything. BOO!!!

The Sum Up:

You had me at Honey