Friday, December 6, 2013

Heirs Episode 17: If Only You Could Have a Bottle of Soju

This episode really did have Tan stuck in a hole with no way to get out of it. We see Tan at the beginning crying his poor heart out knowing his evil Chairman daddy has taken Eun Sang away. Evil Dad only tells Tan it is his fault. I really do believe Disney may have a point about killing off parents. We don’t have to worry about these moments if parents have already died. Man, he is not getting Dad of the Year anytime soon. He shouldn’t be a father IMO. Having kids for you to make into your puppets is just wrong.

Chan Young is worried he can’t get a hold of Eun Sang but dad tells him he took care of her. Oh thank goodness. I though you would allow Evil Chairman Dad to get his ways and push Eun Sang out. Nice to know you care for what happens to Eun Sang and mom. Yay!!! Oh Bo Na you are just so cute and my favorite character. You have been trying to get ahold of Eun Sang and you are worry. I think you like being Eun Sang’s protector you just don’t want to admit.

Young Do and Tan both want Chan Young to tell them where Eun Sang is as she isn’t answering her phone. Duh guys you can’t take your phone with you when you sneak out. If people can find you, this isn’t hiding. Chan Young is upset at Tan being source for the situation Eun Sang happens to be in. Sure you got a point but really it is also Evil Dad. Young Do and Tan go off in different directions to start their own search.

Tan goes through security and car black box footage for clues. Than have Eun Sang’s old phone reconnect which has automate text for credit card purchases. He ends up spending hours upon hours trying to get in touch with every gas station to find the matching payments. Well I have to give it to Tan for using his brain. Young Do goes the route of asking his lawyer for help. Haha! Of course you would make it easy for you to find her.

Tan finds her at a beachside town and stalks her. Evil Daddy is threating her and Tan can’t protect her. Poor puppy can’t stay hidden as Tan, Evil Dad, and Young Do finally find her.

Rachel’s mom cancels the wedding as Young Do’s Dad is corrupted. WOW I am shock *eyeroll*. Not sure what gave that away, the way he treats his son or ex? With Rachel’s mom now free, I wonder what that means for VP Dad and her together. Not that I care much, but I would find it hilarious if Rachel and Chan Young where related.

Tan goes to Won and tells him to save Eun Sang. If Won saves her, Tan will give his hyung everything and leave. He feels he ruined her and doesn’t have the power to protect her. Poor kid, ashame you can’t at least drink your feelings away. Tan goes to speak to Eun Sang to let her know he is giving her life back and how sorry he is to ask her to take his hand. Zombie Tan tells Evil Dad he is in pain and life sucks without Eun Sang and he doesn’t care. Of course Evil Dad doesn’t give two hoots the pain his son is feeling.

Hyo Shin finds out Hyun Joo isn’t interesting in him as she is dating Won. Ouch that has to hurt your ego a bit. But really Won doesn’t know if he wants to date her or keep her safe. He is playing it safe and getting her at arm’s length.

Tan begins his path of destruction from his room to getting arrested. Won finally see Tan doesn’t care if Eun Sang isn’t there. Where Evil Dad thinks Tan is weak where Won doesn’t think so. How can you be so mean to your brother Won? For most of his life, he has looked up to his hyung and you spent the last 18 years putting down this boy. Yet, Evil Dad doesn’t care and just wants Won to bring home the Girl he was set up with.

Rachel and Hyo Shin better becomes a couple because they are adorable to watch. The awkwardness stage is so much fun watching these two. Please Drama, do something right and make this happen.
Tan ends up fighting strangers until Young Do comes along to stop him. Where Tan says the dumbest thing ever – “You take her.” She isn’t a thing to be have or take. She is a person and can make up her own mind. Dumb things like this make me mad.

What did we learn?
Pain hurts. Flashbacks are a must when you think about the girl/guy you can’t have. Crying helps to ease the pain. Apparently so does fighting. More Flashbacks and music. Walk down memory lane of the good times. Please move forward. No more flashbacks and pain please. I don’t think I can take another episode of this. Let move on from the pain and go to anger  … anger to beat Evil Dad and win the girl