Wednesday, December 25, 2013

What Personal Space

Thank the Drama Gods for getting Jung II Woo into a drama. I knew I had missed my II Woo but I didn't realized how much I had missed him until he appeared in Golden Rainbow.

The Drama is your typical makjang drama from secrets births, revenge, and more. Despite the silly, Jung Woo is killing me with his on screen present. His character is pretending to be dumb, but in fact he is super smart. He is just so adorable. His character Do Young has been in love with Baek Won since middle school. 14 years had passed since they had seen each other, but fate gets these crazy love birds back together.

Baek Won still has feelings but won't admit them. Duh! Do Young wants to tell the world but is keeping it on the down low. Instead he is getting into Baek Won's personal space. (You can pop my personal bubble anytime Jung Woo). If these small scenes are down right hot, I can only image when these two FINALLY kiss. My computer screen my go up in flames. Oh I about die from laughing and squealing from the last episode when he told Baek Won she snored and how it would kill the romance of their honeymoon night. HAHAHAHA and Bow chicka wow wow!!!

These crazy two kids better be married at some point in this Drama and a honeymoon night which I can laugh when Baek Won ends up snoring. Drama Gods make this happen or there will be hell to pay.

I wanted to wish all of you a Happy Holidays. 

Be safe, be merry, and keep on watching those Dramas. I hope to hear more from you all in 2014. Don't be a stranger and keep on staying at Aja-Villa.