Friday, December 20, 2013

Prime Minister and I episodes 1-4: White Wedding

On these episodes of Prime Minister and I:
Misunderstandings, a broken family, a dying father, paper frogs, and a contract marriage …

I decided to pick up Prime Minister and I as one of the dramas I plan to episode meme. I will pick up one more but that Drama will probably be something already aired. I pick Prime Minister and I because I wanted something fun and light harder. Something which I knew wasn’t going to take itself seriously. I mean MHIFD had a light hearted humor but lost it going deep into the plot of time travel. Heirs thought it was a lot of things. The humor was there but poking fun at itself was not. I didn’t want to go down another rabbit hole where I wanted to bang my head against the desk. 

Plus, Prime Minister and I has one of my favorite tropes … two people force to live with each other. But I am getting ahead of myself. Kwon Yul is in the running of becoming the new Prime Minister. Sadly, he gets caught in a damaging picture with Da Jung. She happens to be a paparazzi reporter. Da Jung protects Kwon Yul’s son, Man Se, from a reporter trying to dig up dirt. Hence the picture damaging Kwow Yul. Joon Ki happens to be Kwon Yul’s brother-n-law and political rival. He also holds a grudge against Kwon Yul for the death of his sister. Hye Joo is Kwon Yul’s secretary who doesn’t like Da Jung as she harbors feelings for Kwon Yul. In Ho applies to be Kwon Yul’s aide and see Da Jung as a sweet and kind girl who is being drag into the mess of lying. 

Kwon Yul thinks Da Jung as just a dumb reporter, but I love how she was asking the right questions during their interview.  They may not have been able the same old boring questions he gets asked every interview. Instead, she has about him the person and his kids. Interesting it was this reporter to put him in on the spot when he realized he doesn’t know much about his kids. Makes him think if he is a good dad or not, but Da Jung just tells him she understands raising the kids on his own. She had only a dad and gets it. 

I like how we can go from having a deep thought to a fantasy. Those fantasies make me giggle like a girl for a few minutes which make me have to pause the episode. Lee Beom Soo can go from being straight face to outrageous in a second. I find Beom Soo very endearing as an actor for being able to have fun as one.. Not to mention, his smile about kills me. 

I am not a huge Girls’ Generation fan. I enjoy a few of their songs but I don’t follow them.  I have only see Yoona in 9 Ends, 2 Outs, but she was just a second lead. She was crazy in that Drama and I kind of liked her crazy character. She didn’t impress me much to run and watch everything she has ever been in. I find her fun to watch and enjoy her interaction with Beom Soo. Despite the 20 years in age, they have the zing. It might be just Beom Soo and the chemistry he would have with a wall, but Yoona is standing well against the energy. Da Jung is shamelessly hilarious with a fun active imagination. Those day-dreams keep the fluff I have been missing in a Drama.

Ryu Jin seems to possibility be the villain of the series. Makes me a little sad, but I hope there is more to his villain character than just a pissed off brother-n-law. I get you blame your brother-n-law for the death of your sister. Is there more to the death of your sister or did you just hate your brother-n-law for other reasons? Time will tell.

Hye Joo is you typical second lead who is in love with the Lead. She is holding on to hope but I don’t see her saying on the side of false love for much longer. I see her helping Ryu Jin at some point. He might just find out why Da Jung and Kwon Yul’s marriage is a fake. I will enjoy the betray if and when it comes.

In Ho may have mis-read Da Jung’s offer of marriage to Kwon Yul. He has already told Da Jung he finds her pretty and Kwon Yul has warn Da Jung to not look at other men. Hehehehe!!!
Da Jung wants to marry because of her dad. He can barely remember who she is plus he has half a year at most to live. My heart breaks to see her Dad not knowing who she is and wanting her to be taken care of when he goes. Her mom died long ago which means she is alone when her father passes. Kwon Yul seems to not have a heart until he finds out about Da Jung being left in the world without anyone.

A marriage contact … Anyone else love how Kwon Yul puts into the contact about their marriage ends at 6 months with the possibility for indefinite extension. Hahahahaha Oh why would that happen is not the question but when it will happen. I see Da Jung helping Kwon Yul with his family and Kwon Yul and kids giving a family to Da Jung. At least, I am hoping for some fluffy along the lines of that. I want a good family drama with a twist of rom-com.

Which leads me to Men Se … the most adorable kid ever!!! Poor kid, Men Se wants someone to love him. The older two will be a lot harder to get onto her side but it is a matter of time before they too fall in love with her. I see lots of battles and tricks being played between the kids and Da Jung. Let the battles begin.

To keep Da Jung and Kwon Yul acting about their “fake” marriage, there is a spy in the estate. Yay … they must sleep in the same room. You are all thinking the same think I am. Having them live under the same roof is one thing, but in the same room. The fights and closeness that will happen now will be so much fun to watch. Plus kissing already … yes please ... I want some more.

Sum up my feelings on the episode:
You Drama have me hooked line and sinker. Well done!!! Now just keep it up.