Monday, December 2, 2013

Heirs Episode 16: I am your master

Been a little busy with the holidays these past few days, sorry for the delay on getting this episode screenmemes up. I hope those in the US had a good holiday weekend, got to eat a lot, and didn't get run over by people on Black Friday. Back to the Drama lots of stuff happened in this episode with a big showdown from Chairman Dad ...

The new Tan
Thank you Tan for telling Eun Sang not to worry and to take his hand. He goes as far as ripping up her airplane ticket, keeping her passport, and getting her an apartment. Our hero finally is taking a stand against everyone. His father, Won, Young Do … Which just makes me upset this Drama didn’t get here episodes ago. Waiting till episode 16 to get to the meat of the matter, this is the reason this drama is not a well written drama. Tan hasn’t made up his mind for episodes. Why did Tan evening come back from the good old USA if he still didn’t make up his mind? The reason for Tan coming back to Korea should have wanted to make his own dream. Instead Tan spends the time trying to show his brother he doesn’t want his toys, daddy trying to get him to accept his role, trying to go to school without anyone knowing, and trying to win Eun Sang’s love. GRRR!!!! He should have put his foot down long ago.

What about Won
I have to admit I felt a little bad for Won. Poor guy just can’t catch a break, but I did like Won’s face when Tan told him the only he is fighting for is Eun Sang. Won loves Hyun Joo but he knows Chairman Dad won’t allow him to be with her. He sees Tan doing everything in his power for Eun Sang because he has nothing left but her. I wonder if this makes Won feel a little bad to find out Tan believes he has no family. His family is crazy and there is no love within the family. Why should he fight for them when they have no love for him? He will do anything for Eun Sang who is his everything. Won you may learn a little something from him. Yet, I am hoping the Drama figures out these brothers together could do some damage to dear old Chairman Dad.

Storeroom again …
We have to talk about the kiss. Thank you for finally giving us an actual kiss. I was wondering if the only kiss we would get from this drama was unwanted kisses of lips put together. Which would be a shame because Lee Min Ho can freaking kiss …  This kiss has feelings evening if I still think Park Shin Hye gives the impression she still doesn’t want to be kissed. For her future boyfriend and or husband, I hope she gets over not wanting to be kissed. 

Humiliation bits you in the Butt
Chairman Dad is just plan right insane. I think it is safe to say Chairman Dad is our villain. The drama wanted us to be what surprised with how the vote for CEO went. I mean I wasn’t surprised at the end of the vote with everyone agreeing with Won. What was the point? The embarrassed Won. Not to mention the drama trying to shock us with Eun Sang leaving. Um hello – Drama trope of Nobel idiot kind of hard not to miss it when Eun Sang is crying her heart out when Tan leaves the apartment. Just saying, we all saw it and wasn’t a shock. Basically we learned Chairman Dad is a di*k who lords at home and work. It is his way or no way with any hope in sight. Well this kind of sucks. Here is hoping a mutiny will come about in the next few episodes. Again I hope these brothers find power within each other. Chairman Dad wants them to fight each other but what would happen if they fought him?


4 episodes to ago and everything need to be wrapped up into bow unless they plan to add more episodes. Please dear Drama gods NNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! This drama doesn’t need anymore episodes added to it. If it has more leg room, the Drama will go back to talking a step forward and 4 steps back. This drama makes me frustrated in not a good way. Let just hope this ending is better than the rest of the Drama. Can’t make up for the lack of the beginning but it will leave a better taste in my mouth when it is over with.