Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Marry Him If You Dare Episode 15: Rumour Has It

Last episode Ajumma found out from Agent Smith, she isn’t the same Mi Rae as the one in the current present. Ajumma did not change HER future. Instead she created an Alternate Universe. 

Mi Rae gets closer to Se Joo. Anyone else feeling a little cold? She doesn’t seem to smile much when she is with Se Joo. A little heartbreaking since Se Joo has been nothing be kind and sweet. He does finally tell her his feelings the right way. I only wished he did it this way LONG before.  It might be me but she doesn’t smile and feel care free like she did episodes ago. Maybe between Shin pushing her away she feels this is her only option left. Be honest with Se Joo, he is a good guy and he should at least get that much from you. You don’t feel the same than tell him.

On another note, why is Gran-Chairman now getting involved into Se Joo’s life? I swear parents/grandparents get in the way of everything. Makes sense why Disney tends to kill them off. LOL Did Gran really think Se Joo will just give Mi Rae up? Oh and Gran telling Mi Rae to give up her job. Yeah, my dear I don’t think that is going to happen. Mi Rae worked hard to find her dream and she isn’t going to give it up for Se Joo or anyone else. Of course, Gran is trying to get the “envelope” to Mi Rae for her to walk away from Se Joo. *eye-roll*

Anyone else find Shin and his VP girlfriend creepy? That situation is just weird and feels wrong on many levels. Maybe Shin will come to his sense, but I can’t tell. I get the feeling Shin will just open mouth and insert his foot again. I just hope the end doesn’t mean a repeat.

Ajumma has told everyone she made a mistake and she isn’t Mi Rae. When she changed fate, well the universe got the last laugh and split things into two. Mi Rae’s future can be anything. I don’t understand why Shin is pushing Mi Rae away when Ajumma tells him what happen in her future might not happen in theirs. Much like how people feel about Oppa from Answer Me 1994, what are Shin’s feelings? I’m not feeling his love for Mi Rae. I want to understand Shin but his ego and straight face isn’t giving anything away and I am getting tried of it. Does he deserve to win Mi Rae’s heart? I know Mi Rae would be happy but is it enough? 

Which leads me to the last thing? What was the point? Why does the future people time travel when they end up making Alternate Universe? More questions and I want answers … darn you Drama!!! You got an hour to make sure these questions are answered and I am happy.