Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Best Part of 1997

The cameos of all cameos in a Drama which loves to bring cameos had the best cameo of bring back the cast of 1997. I was not disappointed one bit getting to see my favorite group of friends. The cameo made me think how much I love 1997. The 5 of them getting onto the bus made me fan girl. As each of them got back into their character, I wanted to stop for a moment and relive Answer Me 1997. 

 I don't think Oppa would have been hard core on having the music of H.O.T. to be turned down. To me it was very much out of character but what better way to get Shi Won's attention. I forgave his slip out of character for me to enjoy having Shi Won back for those few minutes. I missed the father-daughter relationship of Shi Won and Dad. 1994 is missing a bit of the connection that 1997 made you long for those scenes between the two actors. Yay for not making me hate the cameo by breaking my heart for picking the husband. Boo for still teasing me with who the husband is. Tell us already because it's beginning to feel like trying to figure out who the mom is in How I Met Your Mom. Not cool drama. That is like a million seasons ...

But it was the last cameo of the episode 17 which had me on the floor laughing. Na Jung's "dumb" student just so happens to be Hak Chan. bwahaha! We all know he can't look at Na Jung because of his "problem" with girls (i.e. porn addiction) but she won't ever know this. Thank you Answer Me 1994 for giving the best "wink, wink" to the fans.