Saturday, December 14, 2013

Heirs Episode 19: Get The Party Started

On this episode of Heirs:
It's my party and I will date whoever I want, Reunion of the Moms,  FINALS results are in, one father gets his butt kick and another father's heart aches.

A lot late getting this out to everyone. I have yet to watch the last episode as I wanted to only talk about this episode. I have no idea what happens in episode 20. This Drama still isn't sure what it wants to tell, a really good story with emotions and what not or to just be a bit of fluff and fun. I can't say it was a fun ride. Mostly, I had hopes knowing what this writer can write and didn't get the results I had hoped. The last Drama Gentleman's Dignity turned into just fun and fluff. I stopped watching it hoping for a good story to be told and just watched it for the wackiness. I can't say the same for this Heirs. Lets get into the meat of the good, the bad, and summing up my feelings.

The Good:
The best thing to happen in this episode is Mom and Madam Mom’s reunion with each other. I love this relationship with these two. Why you no give us a Drama about these two and their kids, just these two and their kids. Sure, Madam Mom was her boss but Mom didn’t care. They form a bond with each other. Mom would tell Madam Mom the truth and in some ways kept Madam Mom from thinking everything was rainbows and kittens. The sad thing about knowing there is one episode left is there won’t be more of these two together. Sad day indeed.

The cuteness of Eun Sang and Tan was a delight to see between these two. Evening Won was chuckling over these two. The bickering over something not so serious was a nice break. The Finals result scene about made me die of laughing. This again makes me wish there was a little more humor in the Drama.

Young Do beating his father for the first time and not cheating. Oh Young Do how far have you come. My only wished was for me to have loved you more. You were cheated by your created for not giving you the depth we have seen in the past episodes. Instead you broke out of the gate as a complete Jerk who enjoyed bully the heck out of people which made it hard to love you. My feelings for you were more of hoping to see the character I knew you could have been yet by the time it happen I just didn’t care much. But YAY for the win against your father!!! I see your father will be heading to jail soon. Just make sure he knows if he drops he might want to pick it up. What? You father is an ass and karma will come back to bite him.


The Bad:
Sorry but that party was mighty dumb. Plus, I think Tan moved out and didn’t care for his father’s blessing which is why he wants to the party with Eun Sang. Whatever, I guess.

Chairman Dad feels the house empty and has a memory of his kids. Sorry but if you are trying to tug on my heart strings little too late for that. You wanted to control everyone and in the end you found yourself alone. No ones fault but him. You pushed your family away. You could have a loving family wanting to live with you but you want to make you son fight each other over a business. The fact you have a pain in your heart is just karma catching up to you. I just didn’t care for his moment of realizing he is alone in that BIG house. Someone made his bed and now he has to sleep in it.

Sum up my feelings
The cotton candy fluff of this episode made me full I didn’t care of actual dinner when the meat of the problem came.