Monday, December 30, 2013

Prime Minister and I episode 5 & 6: All I Want for Christmas Is You

On these episodes of Prime Minister and I:
Fake Marriage life, locked doors, more secrets, Green Eye Monster, putting people in their place, becoming a family, and presents as Santa sees who’s naughty or nice.

We have to talk about our couple’s first kiss. Yul cracked me up by saying the kiss was more like a car crash. Honey if you want to see lips pressed together go watch episode 9 of Heirs. Now that scene was lips press together where your kiss with Da Jung was actually hot. Short and sweet but there was some chemistry between the two of you. Yul you may not have like Da Jung at the beginning but I think some feelings are growing. If the kiss was nothing, Yul wouldn’t have mention the kiss but worried about whom the spy could be. 

A piano is behind the locked door which belongs to Yul’s dead wife. Sweet he keeps the piano but I get the feeling he doesn’t allow his kids to remember their mother. I get it is hard on Yul to think about his wife since he feels it is his fault for his wife’s death but his kids should be able to keep their mom in their hearts. He doesn’t mention their mother or have pictures. Heck the man doesn’t have time for his kids to help remind them their mom loves them. I see Da Jung digging into Yul’s past about his wife and helping bring this family together by the kids not to hate their dad and dad to actually be a dad. 

In Ho’s brother was in an accident. I get the feeling he is talking about the one Yul and his wife was in 7 years ago. I get the feeling he is out to get Yul for the wrongs he did in that accident. I do think he likes Da Jung but I wonder how far he plans on pushing his plans if it will hurt Da Jung. She has been nothing but nice to In Ho. Look at the present she gave to him to play with his brother. She gives him hope because she too understands losing someone you love. 

Madam Na’s son isn’t Joon Ki. I kind of wonder who the father maybe not that it really matters in the story. It explains why he is cold and distant toward the boys. Sad, Joon Ki didn’t embrace the kid but it also seems like he was backed into a corner to marry Madam Na. I mean the dinner he has with his father-n-law is a clear mark of how much he is back into a corner on all things his life. Looks like Joon Ki didn’t want to be a bad guy but ended up that way. I do wonder what kind of bad things are hiding in his closet his father-n-laws know about. Surprising it makes me feel a bit bad for Joon Ki, but I hope he is just a tragic hero instead of villain.

Da Jung getting back at Madam Na for pulling the gathering of politician wives together was hilarious. I love the meeting is at a Subway. It makes me want a footlong sub. Yet this is very much Da Jung. She can afford the subs but it is also her battle field. She knows this place. She may not know how to play the game but she does know a lot of reporters. These women don’t want bad press for their husbands. Maybe they shouldn’t look down on the fact she used to be a reporter since she knows lots of reporters who could do harm to them with just a little whisper. Hahaha. 

Hye Joo and Joon Ki meeting for the first time were nice to see. I understand Hye Joo is in love with Yul but we all know those two will not be together. Joon Ki maybe married but he could break ties with Madam Na which could happen if his father-n-law didn’t have his claws into him. I hope he figures out away for his own happiness without making Hye Joo a mistress. She is better than that and Joon Ki would do her wrong by making her one. Hye Joo, get your head out of the clouds and tell Joon Ki to get his act together. 

 Da Jung will read to Yul hoping to help him with his insomnia and stress. I hope to see more nights of them in bed together getting close …. While Da Jung reads. I know you had dirty thoughts, but so did I. Not the gift I was hoping for but at least this will get them into bed together quicker. I love the choice of story Da Jung started to read. The King in the story didn’t figure out he was in love with his wife until 1,001 nights had ended and she ran out of stories. By the end of this episode we see our Minister already smitten with Da Jung. 999 nights to go until he might just tell Da Jung he is in love with her.

Sum up my feelings on the episode:
Breezy, charming and enjoyable to watch I could just pinch the Drama’s checks.