Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Marry Him If You Dare Episode 16 (Final): The future is the present

I spend the day thinking about episode 16. My first reaction to the end, Bull Sh*t!!! I felt cheated by the ending this writer gave us. I don’t just want to talk about the ending but leading up to the ending and why I called it Bull. 

Shin had to make a choice in this episode. Should he or shouldn’t he expose Taeguk Group’s toxic humidifiers? I still don’t know what to make of Ahjussi Shin. The drama makes it seem like it wasn’t real. But let’s say Ahjussi was a form of Shin in the future. Who better to get Shin off his bum than himself? The scene felt rushed and I felt this should have been used an episode or so ago. Waiting to the last minute to see Ahjussi come to the past because of the guilt he felt at the last minute … GRRR!!! Shin finally reported and is now in debt. 

Ajumma knows Shin is still alive in her time. She faints due to the stress of everything building up. Once she does wake up, she isn’t Ajumma but her 32 year old self. She expects Shin to come see her.  Ajumma says, “The fact that we’re trying to escape our own fate means that we’re still at the mercy of our own fate.” You aren’t the mercy to your fate. This drama is showing us we are the ones who make and change our fate. Sure Ajumma not remembering anything was again another last minute but I felt it worked. I can only image the shock of everything for Ajumma finally catching up to her. I wished we got to see Ajumma changing her fate in her present with her Shin. Shame on you drama.

Mi Rae wants to bring hope by doing a show about the Taeguk Group and their Humidifiers. Se Joo isn’t on board as the Taeguk Group is a major advertiser for YBS. Se Joo also thinks Mi Rae is doing this for Shin but she states it is for her principles. I believe it is half and half. I still think Mi Rae feels guilt for things that never happen and helping him in this will kill two birds with one stone, Save/Support Shin and write something with meaning. 

Se Joo also has to make a choice. Stand behind his grandma or let Pandora Box air their story. He doesn’t want to run a company he is ashamed. He isn’t going to do what others tell him but to learn and build his own broadcasting network. He informs grandma he quits. Oh grandma, you think Mi Rae is going to let you talk down to her. The one thing this show has done a good job is showing the growth of Mi Rae. 

Yoo Kyung may have started out as a villain who could have taken both Shin and Se Joo from Mi Rae but thank goodness this didn’t happen. Another positive the Drama had for it. Yoo Kyung is taking her life into her hands. She may have lost Se Joo but she is putting her ducks in a row. With her journalism scholarship in the states, she will make her own future. I have to admit I am impressed with Yoo Kyung not being put down by knowing she won’t get the guy and instead finds another path to go on. 

Which leads me to Se Joo and Mi Rae … I still think Mi Rae feels indifferent with Se Joo. Maybe it is because she feels sorry for not having anything to give to someone who has everything. I agree Mi Rae wouldn’t be happy if she stayed with Se Joo. She just got a chance to dream for herself when Ajumma came in. She didn’t think she could be a writer and look how far she has come from the girl who sat in the bathroom of a dead end call job and cried everyday. Ajumma may have mess up the order of thing but she did do well for Mi Rae. She made her stand and able for her to dream. Mi Rae telling Se Joo not to wait for her because he could end up meeting someone better. How sweet of her. 

Shin and Mi Rae – Sassy Mi Rae is so cute. I love the teasing between Shin and Mi Rae. She tells Shin she won’t date someone with a mountain of debt. HAHAHA!!! Yet it is the answer Shin gives to her how about when I am debt free? These are the moments I wanted MORE of!!! It is sad to see them both walk in different directions knowing what happens in the future will happen. It is the present that matters most.

Forward to 3 years later – Oppa has a family …. SSSSSSSSSSOOOOOO CUTE!!! Yoo Kyung headlines her own MC show. Se Joo has returned early to Korea. Writer Bae teaches broadcasting class and her lawyer husband took on Shin’s case against NTN and Shin is now Debt Free. Shin also has his own journalism show. Than there is Mi Rae, a famous writer. 

Mi Rae, Shin, and Se Joo head to the SAME book store to pick up Mi Rae’s book. All of them continue to miss each other until Mi Rae heads back into the building and smiles. At who? Don’t know. We have no idea who Mi Rae picks. The captions in the promotion trailer evening mention “the man I want to love, and the man I have to love.” “It’s a happy choice and dilemma.”  There is NO dilemma when the write doesn’t make the choice for Mi Rae. The writer cheated us out of an ending. Either the writer couldn’t choice which one or was just lazy, I can’t tell. One of the points of this Drama never answered leaving what the heck was the point?

I have a love and hate relationship to ambiguous endings. Secret Investigation Records I expected the ending to be opened ending because of how weird the drama was. I felt the ending to Marry was a slap to the face. And that box … GRRR!!! You do nothing to help yourself Drama by showing that last bit. All you did was again show us she did have her son but again one of the POINTs of the Drama was her to pick her future. She gets her son but with whom? I wouldn’t have care much if Mi Rae choice someone we didn’t know. 

For example: If she walked back in and called out Oppa to a guy and you see Se Joo and Shin still in the bookstore or leaving.

I didn’t hate the Drama but I do not love it. I really did want to fall in love with this show, but it just didn’t give me the right things to love it. Congrats to Jung Yong Hwa for getting better at his acting. I love him to death but before Marry his acting was less than desirable. Fingers cross Yoon Eun Hye can find a better Drama in the following year, but frankly my dear your choices haven’t been good.