Monday, December 9, 2013

Heirs Episode 18: The One I Love

On this episode of Heirs:

Evil Dad is still a Jerk, Won steps it up to protect his little bro (WOOHOO!!!), Young Do gets a message, it is Finals week at school,  Madam Mom kicks evil Dad to the curb (YAY), and our love birds are reunited as Cinderella gets ready for the ball. 


The Good:
Surprise there is some good things which happen this week. 

Won is becoming a big brother to Tan. I think the difference between this time and the last time is brothers are united together. Fingers cross these two are doing that. Won understand Eun Sang is Tan’s dream and world. This is a little sad but beside the point. Tan doesn’t want the Crown and reasonability which goes with it. Tan wants to be with the person who cares for him, i.e. Eun Sang. Evil Dad, Won, and evening his mother want something from him. Tan just wanted a family and life gave him a business. Won saw his brother falling apart and wants to give him some courage by getting Eun Sang back.  Yay for brotherhood!!! 

Madam Mom finally leaves the house of misery. Good for you Madam Mom. Now you can stay with Eun Sang’s mom and I would die laughing at the terror those two would get into. Haha!!! Derailing … Chairman Dad really does need a kick in the butt. He believes he is high up where no one can pull him down. Come on Drama pull the sucker down and let his world crumble. I think he needs some humble apple pie himself. 

Young Do got some emotions from me this episode. SHOCKER!!! This was his episode with everything happening to him. He got his first home cook meal from Eun Sang’s mom. This made me a little angry for not getting this side of Young Do earlier than episode 18. This Young Do we should have seen behind closed doors with his bullying. This Young Do secretly wanted to be friends with Tan. Good job for giving us a chance to see Young Do do the right thing when Madam Mom came to find Tan. If he didn’t act quick Chairman Dad would have gotten Madam Mom and all would have been lost. Young Do also learn to be sincere with his relationship to Eun Sang and gave up the girl. Than he wrote to his mother that he has lived wrongly. Sure he learned his life he has done wrong but it has come too late in the game. Good character growth for a character who could have been loved and people rooting for if only it happen earlier in the game. 

The Bad:
Most of the problem I have for this Drama is the lack of story plotting. Most of the good stuff of this episode should have happen ages ago in the middle part of the Drama. The conflict is Evil Chairman’s control over everything. If Tan going to his birthday party with Eun Sang fixes the conflict, what was the point? The Drama becomes laughable. 

Than you have Eun Sang as a candy girl with no power. Chairman Dad held all the coins until CEO Won comes to back Eun Sang. Now, she has the power to come back to the City. Why can’t she find her own power to defeat Chairman Dad without having Won back her? Is there no other options but for her to just be a Candy Girl and expect the guy to give her power? 

Sum up my feelings
Heir episode 18 has Tan and Eun Sang reenact scenes from Twilght. Where is the slayer/editor?