Monday, December 16, 2013

Heirs Episode 20 (Final): It's Over

On this episode of Heirs:
Another Battle for Votes, 12 Steps for a recovering Bully, brothers UNITE (YAY!!!), Army is calling, Breaking up with a "Dear News article", and the Crown goes to ...

Young Do’s father going to jail for his cheating is karma. Young Do’s father spent most of the drama teaching Young Do to cheat at every turn until he gets caught. Sure it was the Lawyer who told Young Do there are rules and not to cheat but I want to hope it was dear daddy learning from his mistake. But I like this Young Do trying to make amends for his wrongs by finding Joon Young to apologize. Joon Young was the kid Young Do bullied at school episodes ago. Points to the Drama for having Joon Young not accept his apology. I’m glad the Drama didn’t sweep how scary of a bully Young Do was under a rug. The things Young Do did to Joon Young were horrible. Young Do has a long way to go to be forgiven for the vile things he did not just to Joon Young but to all the other people he bullied. 

Hyo Shin going to the army is kind of sad yet it is the only thing his parents can’t stop. For the first time, he will be able to think for himself without worrying his parents will be demanding him to do this or that. Rachel and Hyo Shin were adorable to watch and a shame it took so long for these two characters to grow. Another dent in this Drama was spending way to much time on the repeat love/hate triangle and not on the million of side character for filler. 

Eun Sang forgiving her sister I am not sure if I would. I mean her sister is kind of a bitch. She lied to both mom and her sister about her “marriage” for her to get money. With the debt Mom already had, Eun Sang’s sister knew that money was everything and still took it. Sure family helps each other but not on a lie. Sure Mom knew she was probably lying but that is no excuse. Sorry but the girl turned her back on her family when things got hard. Yes, Eun Sang tried to do the same thing but sadly was unable to really leave. May Eun Sang forgive her sister because if she didn’t leave to America to find her she wouldn’t have met Tan. It would take time for me to forgive her.

Won you didn’t tell Hyun Joo about your Business Marriage. I guess this is the new “Dear John” letter.  Won you’re a bastard for telling her this way. This makes me wonder if you ever loved Hyun Joo. What the hell were you thinking by waiting for her to read the news instead of telling her face to face? HECK, why did she have to use he wish to break up. Jerk!!! I don’t care what crown you’re wearing, you do not treat someone you love like that. Good thing you don’t love your business wife. I guess Karma does come back to bite you.

End Comments
As you all can tell, I do not have a love for this drama nor do I hate it with a passion.  Mostly, I believe when I finish this episode, do my Twit-Review, I will put Heirs out of my mind. There wasn’t a point in the Drama’s run, I couldn’t wait for it to be uploaded. I love me some fluff Dramas (Lie To Me, Heartstrings, Nail Shop Paris). Yet I couldn’t find a bit of fluff or ridicules parts for me to hold onto and fall in love with the drama. I really just don’t care about Heirs. Unlike Marry Him if You Dare, I wanted so much more out of it and I‘m still thinking about the Drama to this moment. Damn you Drama Gods for your crappy ending!!! 

I still can’t say for sure what the story of the Drama was supposed to be about. I wasn’t shock when the last 5 episodes start to move into hyper drive and FINALLY stop beating the dead horse. After 20 episodes the drama had no conflict. . How did Tan and Eun Sang fix in with crowns and castles? Chairman Dad wasn’t really a villain nor was Won, or Young Do. The attack of the evil parents came and went in a matter of episodes. Yet here we are in episode 20, where did all the parents get those happy pills? Or did they become robots because that would explain a lot. I tell you all Skynet is going to take over … maybe it is starting in our Dramas. 

Most of what happen in the last 5 episodes SHOULD have happen episodes ago. Writing a script during production can be a good thing and not. I get the writers want to adjust if fans like something more. But the problem with writing and shooting the scene at the same time the plot can become lost or forgotten. The plot should be outline for each episode to keep the Drama’s attention. Sometimes I think the Drama goes on a tangent and forgets the point. 

For Heirs, it was bloated with its own ego before it started production. Why the writer wanted to write about teenagers when they weren’t teenagers? Did the writer want to show how mess up teenagers can become when they don’t get to act like kids? The idea of a modern day sageuk drama was an interesting one but the Drama either didn’t see the potential of the story or forgot it. The Drama must have seen the Silence. Than you have a million side characters with a few minutes here and there. Which again, what was the point of having so many extra characters? The writer may have wrapped up all the characters stories yet gave me tons of questions on why the writer chose what it did for the story. 

I will admit the last few episodes where interesting. Young Do became a person, Rachel got to flirt, Eun Sang and Tan got to tease and fight like a normal couple, and Madam Mom and Mom got to reunite. Over all, Heirs wasn’t an interesting or magical ride despite it trying to be.

Sum up my feelings on the episode:
Beam me up, Scotty for were on to the next ….