Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Top OST Songs 2013

I know everyone is doing a top 2013 *insert* list. I figured might as well join. This is my OST songs of 2013. We have all heard them in many of the dramas we have watched. Some have been over played to the point you want to rip you ears off, but there are those songs you have to listen to it over and over again. In no real order, here is my list for Top OST songs of 2013.

Monstar “Nocturne”

Monstar was a hidden show which broke out. I think most of the reasons this little gem of a Drama broke out was the music. Yes, this is a cover but I think it surpasses the original cover. The cello and guitar add a different sadness. I loved the added voices to make this into a duet. This cover adds a dark and haunting song with hint of passion just under the surface of these two voices.  One of the reasons I feel in love with Monstar. 

Gu Family Book “My Eden”


Regardless of the “Jumping the Shark” ending for Gu Family Book, those first two episodes hooked me in with the tragic love story of Wol Ryung and Seo Hwa. It was this fantasy song which helps spin a tale of magic and love in this world. 

Master’s Sun “Touch Love”

Master’s Sun you have put a hole in my heart after you left. It has yet to be filled by another Drama, I couldn’t wait to see each week. I can understand why this song was on the charts for weeks. Yoon Mi Rae maybe known for her rapping but she can make a heartfelt song with her quivering vocals.


I Hear Your Voice “Echo”

I Hear Your Voice was the surprised Drama of the year for me. I was late to the game on Voice but was able to sit down and watch over 10 episodes which made me want more. When this song started, I just got a smile on my face.

Either version of this song, I love them both. The song is has a nice upbeat that puts me in a nostalgic mood.