Thursday, November 28, 2013

Heirs Episode 15: School Motto

Sweet like Candy
These are the moments that I have been wishing. Eun Sang and Tan being adorable and sweet are getting me a tooth ache. Not to mention, a drink Eun Sang is charming. She can finally let go of her issues and just be in the moment.  I also have to add Young Do being civil and kind of sweet for him. Shocking but I actually like this version of him. Drama why couldn’t you have gotten this character 5 episodes back? Young Do being the Dark Knight is endearing in this Drama. Makes me hate the Drama just a bit. 

Speaking for more sweet moments, Won coming to school and giving two cents about Tan was a highlight of the Drama. Won has drawn a line between the two of them and we FINALLY get to know what the reason was that made they become on either side of the line. But first, I WANT MORE of the brothers caring for each other!!!! Darn it Drama why do you have to give me crap instead of the good stuff?

Switching back to one of the many bromances, Tan and Young Do finally get something right. They want to be in the same project group as Eun Sang. HAHAHAHA!!!! You two at least agree on something. Oh how you should have gotten to this point episodes ago. No I am not going to stop saying this. One of the few things this show is lacking is the fact they spent so much time on POINTLESS things. Instead of moving forward, the Drama kept taking a step and falling back 6. Beyond annoying!!! The café scene with a sassy Eun Sang watching these two made me stop rewind and laugh so more. Another highlight to the episode.

Taking a Stand
Madam Mom finally taking a stand for what she thinks is right for her son thank you for being a good mom.  It seems Madam Mom was only worried about her son getting money and a place in the group. Evening Tan told her multiple times if that was all she cared about. I am glad to see her not caring about those things but her son. It helps when Tan took her hand and told everyone his secret. She wants to be his mom and can’t do it in the shadows. Good for Madam Mom for trying to protect her son when she isn’t in a position to do it.

Locked in the Tower
Tan gets locked in his room while everyone is doing damage control.  Rachel’s mom cancels the engagement due to Madam Mom’s blackmail. Chairman Daddy isn’t happy since now Tan’s secret about being a bastard will come out. Chairman Daddy is kind of scary in a sense. Fake Mom (Madam Ham) is told to find Won a wife, Madam Mom is told to get out if she wants to raise Tan her way, Manager Yoon is back on private lessons with Tan again being fire from his position due to not picking a side. Ouch!

Bond between Brothers broken
When Tan was nine, Chairman Daddy wanted him to learn the business. Tan learned about shares and wondered why his mom didn’t have any like Fake Mom. He went to ask his Hyung how he could get his mom shares pissing off Won. OMG WON you are a moron!!!! He is nine. He is a baby. A clean board you can write ANYTHING on. You are causing unnecessary issues. You are made a boy who is asking a question because he doesn’t understand. YOU ARE THE BOY’S IDOL!!! He will listen to whatever you said. 

Now Tan has his shares and goes right to Won to tell him he doesn’t want something that isn’t his. Won can keep the company and the shares as he doesn’t want them. Yet, this isn’t good enough for Won. AGAIN YOU ARE DUMB WON!!!! You should have gotten your brother on your side. Can you image the power two brothers could produce? You two could kick Chairman Daddy to the side and do what you want. BUT NO you have to fall for his dumb tricks. Tan I hope you make Won learn a lesson about how much you love your Hyung. Show him he can have his cake and eat it too.

Noble Idiot is born again 
Two weeks of dating Tan and being sent where Chairman Daddy sends her or break-up with Tan now and go anywhere she wants. Two Weeks it is … I hope there is a twist or Eun Sang tells Tan. I get the feeling that isn’t going to be the case, but I want to dream there is some meat to this lackluster Drama


4 more episodes to ago and finally getting to the heart of the matter. Took you long enough Drama. *eyeroll* I am going to have to put my expectations to the side like I should have episodes ago, but it is hard to not want this to be a good Drama. Don’t get me wrong it has it’s moments but they are few and far between. Points made me wish I was watching Secret Garden or City Hunter. I am not sure the last 4 episodes can make up for the lack of the beginning and middle. Maybe with my expectations to the curb I might enjoy the drama more … Who am I kidding I still wished this was a good Drama.