Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Marry Him If You Dare Episode 12: Alice Down the Rabbit Hole

Taking the Blame
Poor Ajumma. It seems you have been through a lot. You know it isn’t good to keep it inside. You should talk more about what happen. Hint Hint – tell us EVERYTHING. I think Ajumma has also grown up from when she first arrived. She also takes the blame for their son dying. Oh how much pain to have gone through to have your son die but to know if you just want after him inside of wanting to rant at Shin more about who is right or wrong. Oh Drama why do you have to add another twist to things? There is another reason. I am going to take a guess it has to do with Oppa. He must be sick, but is this all? I get the feeling there might be more.


Please Stop Liking Me
Oh Drama Trope, Se Joo is told to stop liking Mi Rae and Se Joo tells Yoo Kyung to stop liking him. Seconds leads never see how they are hurting the second lead girl. Poor Second leads not being able to get the girl he wants. Beside the second lead Drama issues, I still like how Se Joo keeps telling Mi Rae is there something call destiny. He feels she must be his destiny by meeting her before. Dude, you should have totally told her this from the beginning. You make me angry sometimes. 

Down the Rabbit Hole
What about Destiny or Fate? William Jennings Bryan stated ““Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for; it is a thing to be achieved.” We make our Destiny by the choices we make. Life gives us challenges and it is up to us to pick which path we take. Do we get in the car accident and meet a man who could be a future husband or do you do on a vacation to meet a man who could be a future husband? 

In the case of Mi Rae I feel the second car accident is a form of synchronicity (The interconnectedness of apparently unrelated events.) There is a reason behind the chance of meeting again. But I also feel Se Joo seeing Mi Rae once again is his form of synchronicity. There is a reason for him meeting her. Maybe I am looking too much into this but I feel there is more to the drama than meets the eye. I love the idea of figuring out what fate/destiny is and are we living a life already picked out for us or do we pick it?

It is kind of like the idea of soul mates. Many believe soulmates is an unrealistic expectation of life. Say if your soulmate dies, in theory there isn’t another for you. Your love life is over since you soulmate has passed. In reality, romantic relationships come and go. Who is to say one is the soulmate over another?  Honeymoon love last about a year and than comes the true test of making a relationship once the good chemicals have left your brain. 

I know this is a Drama but if we are going to talk about Destiny/Fate we have to talk about the truth of love. Sure it is sweet to see the couple finding figuring out they like each other and dating and than have the HAE, but what happens when the happy, love chemicals go away? Most Dramas we don’t see the after the HAE. Answer Me is one of the few we see a happy couple still together evening years after figuring out they like each other. With Future Choice, we know bad things will happen. Hence the reason why Ajumma comes back but she doesn’t know if Mi Rae’s life with Se Joo would be any better. She thinks what she sees between Se Joo and Kyung on TV is a happy couple but are they really. It could be an act for TV. Heck, Se Joo and Mi Rae could have a fight or problems and another Ajumma Mi Rae could be coming back. 


Darn you Drama!!!! 4 Episode left and you are making me go crazy over destiny, soulmates, and time. I'm getting a head ache just trying to figure out how you are going to end this drama. Knowing the future is not my mutant  but I really wish it was so I know how much it is going to hurt at the end.