Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Marry Him If You Dare Episode 8: WHAT IS LOVE?

If Se Joo was the head of YBS Shin would beg on his knees for forgiveness. Has Shin changed from the original timeline or is he the same. Se Joo states Shin’s true nature is to stomp on the weak and cower to the powerful. Sure Se Joo is seeing how the bottom level works but I am not sure if what he is seeing is a bad thing or good thing. I do wonder what his end game is. At this point, we know he wanted to learn from the ground up, but it seem with his interaction with Mi Rae, Shin and Yoo Kyung he is moving his plans up.


Do you like Mi Rae?
Haha … Grandma Chairman actually point blanks ask Se Joo if he likes Mi Rae. I love how frank his grandmother is about getting to the bottom of situation. Of course, Grandma has to go meet Mi Rae to find out what about Mi Rae caught her Se Joo’s eyes. I do have to say Grandma getting stuck on the bus is her karma for trying to dislike Mi Rae. I mean how can you not love Mi Rae when she gives that adorable smile, gets you on the right bus you asked, and pays for your fee? 

Falling back to reality
Poor Mi Rae being told her dream of being a writer with her age is bleak at best. Granted, I do like how she asks Writer Bae to let her handle the project. Oh Writer Bae is a good person by acknowledging Mi Rae’s talent. I don’t think her being told this was such a bad thing. It seems when Mi Rae is told she can’t do something she wants to prove that she can it what you said she can’t. Look how far she has gone since the beginning. Mi Rae is shinning and growing. She is seeing the world without color glasses. 

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
Se Joo I think you might have a point. Are Mi Rae’s feelings her own or influence by Ajumma? We know that Mi Rae tends to want to prove people wrong by doing what she can’t. Ajumma tells her not to marry Shin. Is Mi Rae getting closer to Shin because she wants to prove to Ajumma she is wrong about Shin and herself? Or is Se Joo correct? Is Mi Rae feeling for Shin because she knows Shin is supposed to be her husband? But than we have to look at the other timeline since fate keeps butting its head into this one. How much is up to us or fate? Can Mi Rae change her fate or is there only doom?

People or ratings / MINE
Who would have thought Yoo Kyung would have a heart? I am actually shocked how far Yoo Kyung has come. Sure she wants Se Joo as her own for whatever her reasons but she actually meant what she said to him. She knows this isn’t Se Joo. It goes back to their dinner, when he told her not to behave like she was. 

Thank you Drama gods for not making Se Joo a bastard after Mi Rae left him. I was worried you would make his character hateful to help us want Shin and Mi Rae together. I am glad you are keeping us wondering what is going to happen in Mi Rae’s choice. Se Joo not giving up makes me love him more as a character. He knows Mi Rae has mixed feelings but he isn’t going to stop liking her. He is going to fight for Mi Rae. Is anyone else super jealous of Mi Rae right now because I am?


I bet money the beginning of the next episode will not have a kiss. They are going to fake out the scene. Do I have to admit I am okay with a fake out kiss. I am not ready for kisses. I like Mi Rae am torn between my feels for Shin or Se Joo. Shin has grown from the man we saw at the beginning. I like the man he is changing into. Well Se Joo has changed too, but not in the way of Shin. I like the humbleness he is gaining as a VJ. Plus the way he handled Mi Rae not accepting his flowers and still liking her and will fight for her … a man after my own heart. It may seem like Se Joo is where I am leaning too but really I like both. The small moments with Shin just are endearing. I don’t blame Mi Rae being confused. 

I am wondering what Oppa will do now he knows Ajumma is his little sister? Not to mention another episode without our Agent Smith … really drama killing me here. We are halfway through and I have to admit, the show is still keeping my interest. Here’s to the second half just as awesome.