Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Marry Him If You Dare Episode 9: The game is afoot

Hello Sweet heart, those are spoilers
Just about everyone found out Ajumma Mi Rae this week. Oppa may or may not believe after Ajumma told him the truth behind her scar. No for him it wasn’t until, she told him the future she will have with Shin. Really Drama, it is 9 episodes in and you still not going to answer this question. You tell Oppa but not us. So not cool. This story better be a sad depressing and heartbreaking about who dies, because all this hype is making me think the story will fall flat.


Se Joo knows Ajumma is Mi Rae from the future. Once again not sure if he believes Ajumma or not yet I don’t think it matters much. He asked if Mi Rae knows he is a chaebol. Yes Mi Rae has been told Se Joo is an awesome chaebol who will build a media empire and shake the country. But just like everyone in this episode I don’t think Mi Rae truly believes Ajumma either. Not to mention, I think in some ways Mi Rae has been running from Se Joo for a few reasons. One he isn’t Shin who Ajumma keeps telling her is the bastard husband. Ajumma lies to Se Joo and tells him she doesn’t know. To be fair, this might be the other reason she isn’t accepting Se Joo’s heart. She isn’t rich and he is. Which leads me to another thought about him introducing Grandma Chairman to Mi Rae have the woman who paid for his schooling. 

More on that part later …
Is the reason why she picks Se Joo because when he falls in love with a woman he is all in it together with her? They aren’t just husband and wife but partners in life. Is this something Shin and Mi Rae didn’t have after the honeymoon phase in their relationship? Of course, Se Joo isn’t interested in the reason but only if Mi Rae knows.

Yoo Kyung also finds Ajumma’s diary. Yes, Se Joo in another timeline was your future husband. I’m not quite sure if this will happen for you still dear. Evening if you tell Se Joo, he doesn’t care. Remember he told Mi Rae the reason why she may have feelings for Shin is because of Ajumma telling her he is supposed to be her husband. Mi Rae is allowing another persons feelings dictate her own feelings. Now to be fair, Yoo Kyung was crushing on Se Joo before she was told anything. Yet, I wonder how much of her crush changed when she found out he is a chaebol? Sure the dinner opened her eyes he is more than a piece of meat, but when she saw him at the famous party her perception changed. Now, I do feel for her to a point, but she started to look desperate.
Flight or Fight
Shin knows Oppa is Mi Rae’s Oppa. Yet Oppa has a point. He is family and has a right to voice his opinions on his sister. Shin is a co-worker. I love it is Oppa who ask Shin if you like my sister. Of course, he can’t answer the first time. The next time he asks what if I do like her. Omo Shin, are you finally figuring out you like the girl? Of course, he tells Mi Rae we are co-workers and she needs to make her choice. Which he has a point and not. Shin you are not going to get the girl if you tell her that. She likes you, you big fool. She wants you to tell her to say. FIGHT for the girl, don’t fly away from her. Oppa does make a point by tell Shin it is his principle nature and resolute which brings hardships to those around him. Why should he allow his sister to be with someone who can’t change?

Se Joo on the other hand tells Mi Rae what she wants to hear. I saw this coming. Poor guy just can’t catch a break. I like how Se Joo isn’t going to give up on Mi Rae. He wants to fight for her. If that means they go back to their friendly relationship. He is holding out hope Mi Rae will fall for him like he has for her. You should have shown her the video of herself in the ocean of how she was able to change into a stronger person. Show her why you feel for her at your apartment. I think it would help change her mind a bit. But what do I know?

 Undercover Boss
The Jerk PD is totally getting fired in a month’s time. He is going to be kissing up after he finds out he isn’t just some low level VJ but your boss and owner of the company. I like how Se Joo is going back to his original plan. He isn’t going to show people who he is because he isn’t getting his way or people are looking down on him. He needs this experience to understand how it works from the bottom up to make him a better boss instead of fly off the handle if things don’t go his way. Bite his time. 


A great episode this week. Se Joo I think is falling more in love with Mi Rae after the hospital scene. She has such an open heart and mind, I don’t blame him. She is sweet and optimistic it is hard to believe she becomes like Ajumma. The Jerk PD kicking Mi Rae off the project was a douche move. The team isn’t going to trust him since this is how he treats his co-workers. I hope to see the fallout. How wonderful it was to see every supporting Mi Rae. She has worked hard for her spot on the team.  Se Joo introduced Grandma Chairman as his sponsor. I can’t tell if Mi Rae buys this or not. In episode 2 Ajumma told Mi Rae about Se Joo being a chaebol in the media filed but not being the owner of the station. Looking forward to seeing what happens from this part.

The conflict between Shin and Se Joo is really starting to take off. These two are fighting for more than just a girl. Thank god there are more than two guys fighting over a girl unlike some other shows as of late. I am glad there is more to this fight than just the girl. Both have a different approach on how to do the job at work. Both have complete different personalities, professional and business. Plus we know Shin would get on his knees to beg forgiveness if finding out Se Joo was his boss. Se Joo has seen Shin’s true nation in the hypothetical he gave to him. The game on afoot between these two and the battles will begin.

I am trying not to look at this Drama as leads and seconds. One of the reasons I enjoy Answer Me series is you are still guessing who will end up with whom. In 1994, we still don’t know which of the two boys will get the girl. I am still hoping this Drama will give us the same. I like the idea that both have a fair chance of winning the girl’s heart. I want this Drama to surprise us with something new than leads fall, noble idiot part, leads apart, and HEA. Which so far 9 episodes in Mi Rae is questioning if she likes Shin is because someone told her he might be her husband. Despite making me vomit, Se Joo has confused his feelings toward Mi Rae. Shin still is wishy washy about his feels to Mi Rae. Grandma Chairman doesn’t seem to hate Mi Rae (which that is a first in Dramaland). Don’t get me wrong, I think Mi Rae and Shin are adorable together, but I need to know what happened in the future to see if Shin has changed or not to figure this one out. Se Joo breaks my heart when he is together with Mi Rae. He really does love her and I want him to show her why he fell for her.