Friday, November 22, 2013

Heirs Episode 14: Moving Forward

Fighting For …
Thank goodness Young Do understand their fight is more than just Eun Sang. I was beginning to worry you didn’t have any brains.  Oh Tan and Young Do, you two really do need to be stick in a room to get over your issues. Mostly, Young Do needs to get over his anger for Tan. Which is sad Young Do’s life is wrapped around Tan. His life is centered on Tan which is a sad thing. I hope he is able to forgive Tan, himself, but also his mother for leaving. If Young Do’s mom left, why doesn’t he try to find her? Unless he has, but I thought he would at least try to find his mom. Who knows maybe he will.


Oh Rachel, what are you doing? I get you are hurt because of Tan. Are you made at him for not telling you his true birth or he won’t look at you like Eun Sang? I still don’t know what you really want from Tan. Another character’s life seems to be stuck to Tan. Rachel is being used for many things, but she should be able to be herself. Like Young Do, I hope she finds her own two legs to be able to stand on and not to hold onto Tan. 

Won has stepped up his battle with his father. Oh how I wished brother and brother could join together and teach Daddy Chairman a thing or two. Here I thought families are harder to break when they are together. Poor Tan in finding out once Won is done with Daddy Chairman, he is next. Please keep Tan and Won together in exile from the house longer. Maybe they might work out their issues before heading to bed. Heck, I am hopping Won and Tan will learn something from each other to build their relationship again. 

Power Changes hands
Powerful Eun Sang where have you been the whole Drama? I have been hoping for a no-nonsense character since day one. There is a Drama god for bring you into the story. I can’t wait to see what you say to Daddy Chairman when he tries to send you out of the country. Please do not disappoint me and become a noble idiot. There are tons of them in Dramaland and one less wouldn’t hurt the story. On another note, you go girl for showing Rachel she will not put you down. You took her power away when you stood up to her and when you told everyone the truth. Keep it up. I look forward to the strong character you will continue to be.


I have heard there might be more episodes added to the drama. Please dear Drama God NO!!!! This drama maybe doing well in terms of ratings but over all it isn’t a good Drama. The fact has taken 13 episodes for the story to move forward instead of falling backwards, I can’t take more episodes of a broken record. These last two episodes are making me get back into caring about the drama. I actually can’t wait for the next two episodes. Wednesday and Thursday seem so far away.

I want to see Eun Sang tell Daddy Chairman off. I want to see Won and Tan figure out how to become brothers again. I want Young Do to forgive himself, Tan and his mother and to grow up and take a stand against his horrible father. The stories are starting to finally get to where they should have been ages ago and I hope it continues to flush out these stories. I don’t want these characters to fall back 8 steps after walking ahead 3 steps.