Thursday, November 21, 2013

Heirs Episode 13: Epic High Five

Sweet gestures
Eun Sang makes a move and gives Tan the comfort he has been needing/wanting. OMG, she isn’t getting caveman by Tan for a change. Still doesn’t help me want to cheer for these two crazy kids, but this was a nice change to Eun Sang make the choice for skinship. Not only does she make a choice about the skinship but she finally puts her trust in Tan. Finally these two are getting past the “I like you and I shouldn’t like you” stage. I just wished it happened a lot earlier than. I get the romance help Tan make a stand on what he wants in his life. 

Be a puppet that will fight with his brother or take a stand. I just wished he was at this point episodes ago. I understand this is supposed to be 20 episodes but there are a billion other characters we could see within the 20 episodes. I will admit I enjoyed the sweet Donut kiss/bite later in the episode, but still don’t have the emotions for these two like I should. Is it sad when I care more about Bo Na and Chan Young’s relationship?

Humor is a blessing
There needs to be more Bo Na in the drama. She cracks me up everything she is on screen. I love how everything gets turned around about her. Kills me everytime. My favorite moment of this episode happens to be the High Five. I love the humor the writer is known for … um Hello Secret Garden was a walking joke with heart. Wae can’t you bring that into this Drama?

But enough about the lack lets talk about the fun. Tan being kicked out of the house and going around asking for someone to feed, clothe and take care of him. Hah! I love how he ends up having to go ask his hyung for help. How sweet was Won and Tan together. Tan looking at his brother like a little boy looking at his hero. Yep, I get the feeling Tan hero-worshipped his hyung. Hello Drama more moments like this. Please also keep Tan cheeky. Seriously Tan is no fun where this one is a keeper.

Keep on sliding back
Oh Young Do, you could be a interesting character if you would stop acting out your anger to the world. I suggest some theory. Talking to someone about your issues may help you become a better human being. Heck some angry management might also do you good. Next, Eun Sang was holding Tan’s hand. I think it is safe to say you don’t have a chance. THAT was your rejection. She took Tan’s hand at the beginning of the episode. I don’t think stalking her is going to change this either. Sure stalking your crush worked in another Drama but you are the second lead. You, getting the girl not going to happen. You kind of missed that boat many episodes ago. If you won’t bully others, you might have had a chance.


Come on Drama, there are a lots of side stories which could be the main story. Hyo Shin’s scary mom and family would be interesting to find out more. I mean Hyo Shin tried to kill himself. A big episode with his story would be good. More Bo Na and Chan Young … how about Won and Tan’s past about how Tan was sent to the good old USA?

I do enjoyed Tan being kicked out of the house. I am hoping this last a few episodes and gives Hyung and him time to talk and work things out. If those two could work together, imagine the possibilities they could do. Please Drama, don’t make me be annoyed with you. Give me good things.