Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Marry Him If You Dare Episode 7: Vomiting Rainbows …

Pick a Seat
HAHA!!! Mi Rae having to pick where to sit and picking to sit away from her oppa and suitors cracked me up. The look on their faces was priceless. The rest of the team doesn’t know what to do with both Shin and Se Joo giving attention to Mi Rae. Yoo Kyung sitting next to Se Joo was humorous as she targets in on her target. Of course, all the guys on the other end want her to sit next them. How clever this writer is as they wrote the scene showing the difference between the girls.


Let me cook for you Oppa
Why do I get the feeling the person Ajumma Mi Rae keeps talking about dying is Oppa? Look at the way she has been acting towards Oppa. She looks at him as if she hasn’t seen him. Despite Oppa being hard on his sister, he does care for her. Wanting her to marry and have her own family. Yet in the first timeline Oppa doesn’t like Shin much. Not sure if he still has the same feeling, but maybe it was the dislike between Shin and Oppa which lead to “maybe” Oppa’s death? She won’t stop calling Oppa, Oppa. 

Mr. Anderson, time for you to go back
Enough already Drama!!! Who is Agent Smith? Ajumma knows who he is so let us in on the secret. Also, who is he communicating with? Give me answers  … Ajumma changing the future has to have consequence. What is going to happen since she has changed the future already? Stop teasing me already. 

We need more lessons
LMAO … Is it fate for them to be together when you see lovers together and a bride and groom? Come on … we know Shin likes her salad. Can’t they hurry up and make salad together or let her be with Se Joo. This tip toeing around each other isn’t cute anymore. Hurry up and be grown-ups. Shin you like her … admit it already. 

Lunch Gone Wrong
Poor Se Joo, he got dumped for lunch. To be fair, Mi Rae was with someone already. He makes my heart flutter by accepting she is probably with Shin. Se Joo also thinks this is what he gets for how he has treated women in the past. Granted, those women were only after his money. But does he not see he is tricking Mi Rae by not telling her. Sure you are the guy she has gotten to know, but that is only half of you. The other half will always be the Heir to YBS. Mi Rae knows who he really is, but that hasn’t stopped her. If anything it is probably Ajumma who made it worst. Who is to say Mi Rae wouldn’t have fallen for Se Joo if Ajumma didn’t tell Mi Rae to not fall for Shin. I wish Yoo Kyung wasn’t trying to hard. It hurts to watch her.

I must confess
OMG --- Excused me while I throw up. Se Joo confessing to Mi Rae isn’t a bad thing, but the way he did it was bad. The posters gave it away this was going to fail.

Romeo and Juliet – Hello it is called The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. Those two love birds die.
Titanic – Jack Dies …

How about showing her the video you took of her when you first meet? Show her the reason why you fell in love with water. This was way to much more so coming from a VJ. Heck, singing to her would also work. 

Bad Person, Bad Quality, Dear John
I get Shin is upset but she didn’t call you buddy. Ajumma stuck her nose in Mi Rae’s life once again. Why do I feel like one step close and five step pushed back in this episode? Poor Se Joo. He knows Mi Rae likes Shin but I am hoping he doesn’t start treating Mi Rae bad. Why do I get the feeling he is going to make her life hell because she left? Please don’t make Se Joo a douchebag. I have enough douchebag on my dramas. I can’t stand another one.


Finally characters are moving on the board game where others moved and went back. Come on episode 8, give me some answers and something to look forward too.