Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Marry Him If You Dare Episode 14: Which universe are we in: Red or Blue?

Alternate Timeline
Finally, we get some answers and more questions. Let dig into Agent Smith’s reason for being in the past. He states he is there to help those who go to the past to get back home. Yay!!! We get to know why he is there. It explains why he is tearing up when he looks at Ajumma back in the bar/cafĂ©. Who is his boss? It seemed as if his bosses didn’t want Ajumma to know she will not be the new Mi Rae she helped changed.


Ajumma went to the past and change her meeting with Shin and Se Joo to fall for Mi Rae. This didn’t cause parallel universe but creating a point of divergence. Ajumma is now living in an Alternate Present day. This present is similar with different degrees. However, many people believe there are many possible futures/alternate realities. Apparently, this Drama isn’t using Doctor Who rules of Time Travel that history is flexible and is subject to change. Time Travel in this Drama is about Alternate timelines. Marry Him is using the idea of multiple coexisting alternate histories much like Fringe.

For example, someone goes back in time and changes the past. In the future of this Timeline there is no North or South Korea. The country is united. Ajumma’s original timeline does not change which does not cause the grandfather paradox. She can continue to meddle and it won’t change HER future. It will change this Mi Rae and everyone else but not hers. The future Ajumma knows about may not come to past. Se Joo may not be a media big shot, Shin might be a famous New Caster, Mi Rae a Big shot writer.

This alternate reality anything is possible and might end up nothing like Ajumma’s future. Oppa could die in his surgery. Which please dear Drama gods, you kill Oppa off and I will cut you. I mean it. Shin marries the VP of NTN and Mi Rae to Se Joo. Heck maybe in this timeline the truck of doom comes and kills Mi Rae.

The point here is anything is possible and really doesn’t change anything for Ajumma. Which makes me wonder what the point is? What are you trying to say Drama? I am trying to understand but you need to get me some hints. I wished the Drama didn’t wait till episode 14 to tell Ajumma her plans of changing her past isn’t going to change anything. What does this mean for Mi Rae and the rest of the people in this reality? We spent all this time watching Mi Rae change, grow and become a great person and find out Ajumma isn’t going to change to this person.

If this Drama does an ending like St. Elsewhere or it was all a dream, I will not forgive you. I am holding out hope this writer knows what the ending is going to be. So far this Drama is one of my favorites this year. Sadly it isn’t getting the ratings I think it should get. There is something underneath this Drama that is endearing and powerful. I am still enjoying the wacky ride of Time Travel. I just hope the ending of this drama is as epic as the idea of time traveling is. Where is that darn police box when I need it?