Monday, November 4, 2013

Ask Me ...

Have you started watching Answer Me 1994? What are your thoughts? - From Ace

 Hi Ace!!
To answer your question, yes I have started watching 1994. 
I would have done a picture post thoughts like MHIYD or Heirs wasn't both airing. Maybe I will do one somewhere down the line if there isn't a lot of Dramas I am watching.

It has the same set up as 1997, but with a twist. I am digging the "family" of the boarding house. I like how these are all unknown 20 something living together in a strange city. These friendships are just starting to grow for most of them. Oh and naming the husband but none of the suitors are called by their given name. The nicknames are just adorably sweet and annoying at the same time. 

I have to give it to the writers for adding another twist with out High schooler. I was so caught up in drama I wasn't thinking outside the box. I hope for more of this in the rest of the drama. I also have to agree, Na Jung is standing next to a stand in. The drama is missing with our minds. They probably filmed this a few times, one with a stand in to confuse the crap out of us and than with whoever is actually her husband we will see when he is relieved. 

The only bad I have is some episodes do feel really long. One of the reasons I think 1997 did well was the shortness of the episodes. The longer the episode the drawn out it felt. Not all the episode feel like this but a lot of the first few.

I can already hear what you next question will be ... Who do you think is Na Jung's husband? 
Can't say one way or the other. Trash is one my front list. I love the relationship of Na Jung and Trash. They are more than just brother-sister but also best friends. I can see the relationship changing to lovers, but I am not sure. I can't tell if Trash knew Na Jung wasn't playing a fools day joke in the earlier episode. If he does know Na Jung has a crush, he isn't helping matters by giving her a back rub or changing in front of her ... or getting her marshmallows. The look Trash gave when Na Jung was kissed. I wasn't sure to hit him or to pull him in for a hug.

With that being said, Chilbongie has a good shot at being her husband. Those two are just getting to know each other. We know Chilbongie has a crush on Na Jung and got a chance to kiss her. He missed practiced to hang out with her and he didn't mind being punished for it either. For Na Jung, she is having a one-sided crush. She could let go of her crush if Chilbongie makes his moves. 

The real question is which one of them is going to have the "sparks" when they kiss?