Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Marry Him If You Dare Episode 11: Bad Romance

I like you
Again what is with these guys confessing to her in public? Try to confess without so many people around.  I knew this confession wasn’t going to be the end all of confessing. I feel bad a little for Shin. He finally gets the balls to say how he feels about Mi Rae, but she isn’t having it. There wasn’t any sincerity to his confessing. Mi Rae told him to fight for his fate and not to be afraid and now wants to say how he feels for Mi Rae. Guys find a better time to confess to this girl.


Undercover Reporter
I felt the undercover mission went really fast in the story. It just didn’t feel like more than a day past with Mi Rae’s second job. I know she mention to Se Joo how the team was since she hasn’t seem them in days but it just doesn’t make me feel like she has been there long. I love how Shin is asking around where Mi Rae is working and once he finds out tries to do what he can to protect Mi Rae. I think Mi Rae found the area she is good at writing. The fact the guys may have found out but she was able to get everything in camera. Smart move on the girl for having a back up camera. Poor Se Joo not being about to rush in and save “his” girl. I wasn’t shock to find out Grandma Chairman was keeping her grandson safe. 

DNA Results
Oppa gets the results about Ajumma being his little sister are correct. Poor Oppa feeling like he walked in on an episode of the Twilight Zone. I have to admit I love the scene of his taking care of his little sis. It explains a little why Ajumma is super happy to see Oppa. He stopped talking to her 20 years ago. Well I guess Oppa hasn’t changed about his feelings for Shin but I wonder how much of Oppa’s feelings for Shin are from hearing Ajumma’s story. Being told a possible future makes you think differently.  But it is nice to see Oppa caring for his little sis. He may want her to marry but not to someone who isn’t going to take care of his sister. I wonder how much of his thinking is because of the scar he gave her. 

The Suitors
Despite fighting over Mi Rae, Se Joo isn’t going to fire Shin who can make him money. Se Joo it is my hope you can still put business and personal feelings on the side. I don’t want you to become a second lead that gets crushed and you want the leads to fall. I hate you not getting the girl because you are a second lead should get your HEA too. Maybe you will. I also love how you both will fight for Mi Rae and put aside you dislike for each other for the girl. Why can’t other show learn for this one? 

Getting the Cat out of the Bag
Mi Rae tells Oppa she like Shin. Oppa tell Mi Rae she isn’t allowed home if she dates Shin. Se Joo hears Mi Rae confessing her feeling about Shin. Oppa tells Ajumma she needs to tell Shin why they can’t be together. Um, how about telling Mi Rae too? I mean it is her future as well. DUMB noble idiot trope. I can already tell you Shin is the Noble Idiot after he finds out the reason why they can be together.  I kind of figured it was going to be their child who dies. Drama why did you have to wait so long to tell us? The flashbacks were emotional but I am not sure 9 to 11 episodes in if they made as much of an impact if we were told earlier. It is still heartbreaking to know Mi Rae lost a girl. To have a child die before you is heartbreaking and sad, but I just am not impressed with Ajumma finally confessing it now. Maybe the beginning episode will have the flashbacks we have been waiting for. I am hoping the beginning episode of 12 will bring the emotions that seem a little late. 


This Drama is doing a lot of things right and wrong. First this Drama has a better love square set up. Not to mention, the men aren’t acting like caveman unlike some other Dramas. It is a shame this Drama isn’t getting the attention and love it should. Having a secret for most of the Drama isn’t a bad thing. I mean Answer Me series will hold onto who the husband is for most of the Drama, but they give us flashbacks to keep teasing the crap out of us. MHIYD should have done the same. We should have seen Ajumma’s Future in Flashbacks mixed with new time line. It would help set up why Shin and Mi Rae fell in love. I think seeing how Ajumma lost her optimism and idealism would show how different Future Past Mi Rae and current Mi Rae are changing from each other. But I think we should have seen all the 4 characters different or the same from the current time line to the other. 

Drama, bring in Mr. Smith into the storyline and not having him do anything is laughable. You could have waited until this episode to bring him in. A waste of a character. He has done nothing to move the plot but just taken up space in the episode. Flush Mr. Smith’s character out by showing up maybe who he works. Anything would be nice. 

I will have to admit I am not sure how this Drama is going to end. I am waiting to find out how all these stories will wrap up and still get a hopeful ending of happiness.