Saturday, November 2, 2013

Heirs Episode 8: OOH, BURN!!!!

Devil's Advocate
Chairman Dad let Eun Sang go to the school so she could hear from hundred people why she shouldn’t be with Tan. On paper and hearing it sounds like he doesn’t want these two crazy kids together. But what if that isn’t the case. I mean this would be a first, a rich father who just wants the best for his sons. We know Chairman Dad didn’t raise his sons with love maybe he wants to give them love in another form. Wishful thinking but heck a nice father liking the girl he picks would be a first.


Chairman Dad isn’t just following Eun Sang and Tan but his brother and Hyun Joo. What if Chairman Dad is really being a kind and loving father? We still don’t know his end game. I want to hope this is the case. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if he is trying to kill any love his sons still have toward him, but I want to hope he is a good guy.

The bad boy …
I think we all agree Young Do is a bastard. I have to admit when he isn’t a bully and being scary; his character is starting to grow on me. It is the complex of his character. His father really made him into a monster. But for some reason he is starting to see something beyond the teachings of his father. Speaking of his teaches, I will have to give him credit for the punch he gave his father. How to stop a family picture you don’t want to be apart of, bring in one of you father’s bimbo girlfriends. Oh snap … you actually did something without violence.

I don’t have much to say about what is going on because not much is happening. Tan needs to grow up. Eun Sang still doesn’t have a dream. Chairman Dad has a plan. Won wants his cake and eat it too. Young Do is confused.  Drama you need to move a little faster because I am slowly getting bored waiting for something to happen and no that kiss is not something happening.