Friday, November 1, 2013

Heirs Episode 7: Much to do about Nothing

The Young Master of the House
Tan really thinks this is funny doesn’t he. His mom may not be a wife but she still has authority over Eun Sang. Yes, Tan doesn’t have the greatest family. His life isn’t prefect. Yet, Tan needs to grow up and take off his color rose glasses of what he wants to see. Tan kind of notice when his mom wants Eun Sang to spy on him but they can’t be friends because they aren’t on the same level. This coming from the woman who isn’t married to her son’s father, but I’m not judging. Tan is starting to frustrate me as a character. I get he is suppose to be 18 still a kid to a point but he needs to take a stand. Maybe it is because he 18 his hands are tied as a character but dear Drama gods you are making me want to throw something at him for his lack of doing ANYTHING. 


Pulling the Girl Pigtails
Tan like Eun Sang. The fact he will wake up at the crack of dawn to ride to school with her is a clear sign he likes her. Heck, pulling her ponytail out because he is worried others will see her beauty. Again we are 7 episodes in and I feel like pulling my own ponytail out due to frustration. Is it me or is there something we are missing with these two? Sure he wants to protect her but I just feel something if off or missing.

Leaving the Nest
Won tells Chairman Dad he is moving out (because of Tan). I really do think Dad wants his sons to get along. Tan has every right to be apart of the business but Won doesn’t agree. Again Drama episode 7 and we have nothing to work with like a WHY? I get Chairman Dad wasn’t much of a Dad. But there got to be more going on. Which leads us to …

Don’t go Brother …
Tan’s love for his brother really breaks my heart. This is about the one storyline which I care the most. I am assuming here (because we haven’t seen why yet), Tan hero warship Won. About a 10 yearish difference in age, Won must have looked like he could do no wrong. Of course, we know that something happen between the brothers for Tan to be exiled to the USA. Won your brother wants to love you and it is breaking my heart you’re being so mean. I agree Tan needs to hurry up in grow up but why do you need to fight each other. DRAMA flash backs right now on what happen would be nice for me to understand. You’re making me not start to not care of this Drama if you don’t start explaining yourself … soon.

The one true Satan
Really Young Do … You are making it super easy to not like your character and see no redeeming ever coming. Suing the guy who took a stand against you, this is how you’re going to grow up. Man did you Old Man screw you up. I mean I knew that to begin with but it is hard to truly see the after effects. Tan hitting you was kind of nice but you like violence and didn’t really mean anything. For someone like Young Do, someone needs to teach him a lesson without violence. Screw up his mind and make him kneel. Show him his true wrongs. Yep, that isn’t going to happen.

Our lives both Suck
YOU PICK THIS TO SHOW US!!! Really Drama you pick Young Do and Tan coming to blows in middle school? BOO!!! BOO!!! I had already guessed this. I totally called Young Do being mad at Tan because he happens to born of a woman not his father’s wife. Of course, Young Do has issues with his dad cheating. He doesn’t like Rachel’s mom much and she is trying to marry into the family. Something that would be interesting for Young Do would be if his hating Rachel’s mom only to protect her from his dad’s cheating ways could make a complex character. But wait, what am I saying? My bad mouth … because that doesn’t follow logic. Young Do is a mobster in training and can’t actually become a human being.

Don’t Pick Up
Young Do getting Eun Sang to his place is down right creepy. I have to agree with Eun Sang. He is starting to piss me off with his wishy washy. Dude do you want to scare or date the crap out of her? I am getting a head ache.


Young Do could be the most complex character, but sadly I don’t think that will happen. Tan is just there. I kind of have to agree with Won. He is just passing through and not doing anything. Come on Tan; take a stand, fight, and work for what you want. Screw everyone else. GROW A PAIR!!! Eun Sang can’t seem to do anything in her situation. The point of her going to this school was to give her the chance to change but we haven’t seen anything yet. 

7 episodes in and I’m beginning to not care for much of what is going on. The characters are pissing me off to no end. Everyone is tiptoeing around all the issues. Glass is on the ground where all the problems and issues are and instead of picking the glass up and possibility getting hurt they go around the long way to avoid them. Frustration is just the beginning of how I am feeling. It is slowly working towards being annoyed.