Friday, November 15, 2013

Heirs Episode 11: This is the song that doesn't it end, it goes on and on my friend ...

Devil or Savor 
Young Do likes Eun Sang. Are you sure? I mean it is hard to understand if you were trying to pull her hair to say you liked her or wanted to scare her to death. Not that it matter if you did either. You are still one scary kid because you think violence is the answer to everything. I can’t blame everything on you since your dad is a bit of a douchebag but you could be different. Fingers cross the Drama gods make you a better person. Despite him being a jerk, he was sweet as Young Do can be when he tried to stop Eun Sang hearing the gossiping. Also in Young Do fashion got revenge on her behalf by putting their shoes in water.  

More Lies or Secrets
Rachel’s Mom finds her husband to be at a hostess bar and he says it is for “work”. That is what all cheating husbands, boyfriends, soon-to-be husbands all say to the girl. Not fooled then or now buddy. Try a different line next time. The interesting bit is seeing a mom from the PTA. Wonder where this will go.
Tan will get company shares when he turns 18. He might actually have more shares than Won which would make him Heir? Again Papa Chairman what is your evil plan for these two brothers. Please don’t be the trope Chairman Dad that is like in every Drama. BOO BOO BOO!!! Been there and seen it. How about showing us something new and different than same-old thing? Just a thought. Another thought, what is Stepmom up to now? Her becoming close with Won is just creepy. Granted Stepmom is over all just a very unlovable character. Not sure if she loved anything in her life.
Madam Mom knows about Tan’s feeling for Eun Sang. Why couldn’t we have gotten a break through episodes ago of Tan standing up for the dumbest that is his life? Tan knows his world could fall apart if people know who his real mom is hence the fake engagement. Tan returning from the states should have been him wanting to fight for what he wants. Instead of just trying to fit in wherever he belongs. Sure it is going to be hard and difficult but nothing in life ever is. I get he is supposed to be  18 (evening if he doesn’t look it), but come on that is an excused.
 My hand slipped
Yes, Young Do has a point. Sure he didn’t have to demonstrate his point but it wouldn’t be Young Do if he didn’t. Tan has a different life than Eun Sang. He is engage to someone his family approves. At some point Tan will come to his sense and he will let go of the hand she is holding. He may not know Tan is going to shake things up but in this lifestyle this is how things are. Eun Sang knows where she belongs, but Young Do she is in the same boat if she liked you. You think Daddy Dearest will let you marry her. Mistress yes but Wife, I think not.  The best part of the scene is Bo Na. Young Do tells Eun Sang not to catch a cold – Bo Na retorts not listen to him and catch one. HAHAHAHA this is one of the many reason why she is stealing the show.
Rachel and Young Do’s parents soon to be marriage has been ousted which means everyone at school wants to congratulate (i.e snickering at them). Sure Tan may not actually like Rachel to marry her but he has been friends with her for most of her life. He gives her some comfort. Eun Sang offers some comfort to Young Do which kind of knocks him off his game. She reminds him he is just an 18 year old boy. A sweet scene between these 4 which was nice for a change.
 D-Day in a month
Thank you mom for being so wonderful to your daughter. You work very hard for her and do what you can with a handicap. You may not be able to speak up for her but you do what you can. You make my heart break. You are by far one of the best characters is this odd-ball drama.
MOVE the plot already. I get these two like the girl NOW WHAT … hello DRAMA you have a million people you can have side plots. It seems they are being waste to the repetition love triangle. I am not sure this drama was mapped out before they started writing. I get most dramas are being written while the show is airing and production but you should still have a mapped out plan of where the story is going for each character. I just feel like I am watching a bunch of FILLER over and over again. Waiting for things to move on and well not much is moving expect Eun Sang in a month.