Thursday, November 7, 2013

Heirs Episode 9: Youth Of The Nation

Palm to Palm
Disappointed on many levels with the kiss. I would hope they would both want to kiss each other. Sadly, this wasn’t the case as Tan just ran in and placed his lips on Eun Sang and stood there for over a minute. Yep folks that kiss was over a minute long where neither of them moved their lips but just stood there with their eyes closed. I get they are in high school but this was just lame on all levels. Either have them want to kiss and make it grand so they actually you know KISS or don’t give it to us at all. At this point, I would rather have the kiss scene if you want to call it that be left out.

Get Ready to Ramble
Okay Young Do and Tan fighting in school dumb, but hear me out. This was going to happen. Young Do is pissed at Tan because to him Tan is the embodiment of why his mom left (i.e. Misstress). On the other side, Tan isn’t pissed at Young Do at anything expect maybe how much of a douchebag of a friend he is. He tells Young Do a secret to make him feel better and there goes years of friendship down the drain. They should just lock them up in a room and let them fight it out than hope they kiss and make up. 

The other side of the coin, Tan hasn’t fought for anything. I am wondering if this maybe his Chairman Dad’s doing by sending Eun Sang to the school. He knew that Tan would have to wake up and take a stand and make a choice. Okay I am hoping Chairman Dad is playing an evil game of chess to help his sons out. Until I see other wise, I am holding onto this. 

Polite and mean Won
I want to see more of the nice and polite Won. More of this writer. Get to it now. Eun Sang is the help but he was super nice to her where he could have been stuck up. Won and Rachel is just an interesting pair. Rachel has had a crush on Won since she was little. I would too if I was her so I don’t blame her. There is something about Won and Rachel together I really like and enjoy their scenes together. Mabye because they know each others weak spots and be opening with each other. Poor Hyun Joo. I am hoping to get more of her back story soon. 

Eun Sang ditch day
Yay, Eung Sang admitted to liking Tan. Yet, the girl has a point. In a school full of beast wanting to pull not only herself but Tan too … Tan can only protect himself and should leave her to protect herself. Tan did you forget what you got down telling her. You would find her if she ran away. I know you feelings are a little hurt but buckle up bubby and stay with the girl. 

The White Knight
Oh Young Do, you drive me crazy most of the time I see you. You saved the day but have to tell Eun Sang she can only be bullied by you. Are you insane bubby? Good for Eun Sang for finally standing up to him and just telling him the truth. Of course, things will probably be worst but better to get it out in the open. Yet Young Do shocks her by telling her he likes her. Could have fooled me … scaring the crap out of the girl will totally make her fall for you. Oh wait she did fall for you when your tripped her the other day. Gotta change your altitude dude if you want her to like you.

PTA Meeting  
Madam Mom and Mom are the best. I love their scenes. It doesn’t matter if their scene really matters. They make me laugh every time. I have to admit Madam Mom going into the PTA meeting as Eun Sang’s mom just about killed me. She sure does have style and she dazzles the rest of the moms until second wife shows up. Well, there goes all our fun. I do enjoy Eun Sang’s face when she heard her mom talked. Haha … We shall see how long this will keep Eun Sang’s cover.


I know a lot of people are confused about what is driving Young Do. Well let’s look at the wonderful father of his. He likes beating those that are weak and those that aren’t to fight dirty. Not father of the year at all. I am not surprised Young Do acts much like his father in school. He has mom issues. His mom left and I am going to go out and say it was the Mistress that led to his mom skipping out. This could explain why he has so much anger towards Tan. I don’t think he knows what he wants. His relationship seem to be violent – his father … evening Tan. I hope we see what it is about Eun Sang that makes him stop and look. 

Come on Drama … tomorrow we are at the half way point. Lets pick it up a bit and get somewhere.