Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Marry Him If You Dare Episode 13: Somebody That I Used to Know

I'm the Boss
Yay!!! Se Joo finally comes out to everyone he is the new CEO of YBS. I love how he tells his old team he is thankful for all he has learned from them but the Jerk PD. Good for Se Joo changing the system. He is going to base everyone on their hard work. Do good and you continue to will excel.  I look forward to what else he plans on changing and doing. We know he is supposed to be a media god in the future, I wonder if this is still the case.

Thank goodness Mi Rae doesn’t over react to Se Joo’s true self. I am glad she is taking things as it is. Granted, she is heart-broken about Shin. Not surprising Se Joo wants their friendship to remain the same and not to have the fact he is her boss get into the way. My Dear, Se Joo is so nice to you because he is the second lead. It is a given he will continue to hold a torch for you. Which sucks because Shin is driving me insane with his wishy washy ways …  Se Joo telling Mi Rae she was the first person to understand his video, my goodness you are killing me show. I still don’t know who Mi Rae should be with. Shin was her future and they are adorable together. Yet Se Joo is just melting my heart every episode being a shoulder to comfort and Mi Rae knows it is wrong for her. Man, I hope he gets a HEA ending because damn you Drama if he doesn’t.

Yoo Kyung is poor … I kind of saw this one coming. It would make sense why Chairman Grandma was so against their marriage to begin with. Trope!!!! You suck Drama. Showing she is poor to make her seem more likeable when she is becoming likeable without knowing her background makes me angry. We didn’t need to know she comes from a poor background with a handicap mom. One or the other would have been a better route to have gone.

Yoo Kyung finally calls out Ajumma for messing with not her life but other for her happiness. She points out how Ajumma isn’t just changing her life but countless others not just Se Joo, Shin’s, and hers. Another reason why the poor thing made me mad was because of what Yoo Kyung says to Ajumma. She tells her she wouldn’t have gone back to change the future for her own happiness. See she didn’t need to be more liked because of her background. Grr Drama.

That is what that means
Ajumma telling Mi Rae to kill herself in the beginning she said it to Shin. Well that explains a lot. Ajumma is a very bitter person, it is hard to see Mi Rae becoming like her at all. Why would Shin go ahead and let the Truck of Doom kill him? Maybe I am looking too much into this but I think there might be more to this. Why couldn’t Ajumma come to the past and try to change Shin and Mi Rae? Talking to each other might have helped. A child drying is horrible but you two didn’t make things better. You should have gotten help by going to a therapy and talking your issues out. If Therapy didn’t work maybe you should have just slip up.

3 more episodes to go and I am okay with the lack of knowing which love line will win. Of course, it will be Shin once he figures things out but I am still hoping the Drama will give us a shock. Be different and add a twist. I can’t wait to figure out more about the Time Travel stuff and seeing where all these goes.