Saturday, November 16, 2013

Heirs Episode 12: Don't Be Kind and Rewind

  Hasta La Vista, baby for I will be back
 Tan wanting to have his cake and eat it too ask Eun Sang to take his hand and walk with him into the sunlight. Once again, Eun Sang tells him thanks for the memories but I shall see you around. AGAIN ... really Drama? What is this Drama, directions on how to shampoo -  Latherrinserepeat. The one time the Dramaland Truck would have been approved. Anything to help stop the broken record for repeating. Yet, I had to laugh that I will see you around, see you in first period. Haha at least the Drama has a sense of humor.

The Golden First Love
Young Do has finally gotten his first love in Eun Sang. Young Do kind of sucks at having a first love. He isn’t sure if he is supposed to bully her or be nice to her. I have to admit him finding out her Mom can’t speak seemed kind of shocking to him. The one time he actually means well for her and Eun Sang can’t figure out how he will use this. Don’t really blame the girl. Young Do, you’re not the nicest or easiest guy to get along with buddy. I mean you bully a kid in front of her to show her who is Alpha to get your point across. But we all know how you will use this information … Blackmail Tan. *eye-roll* Of course you will.
 My Side and Your Side and neither of them shall meet.
Yep Papa Chairman is going to be the Drama trope of Chairman’s – aka Douchebag. I shouldn’t have expected more from him. I mean this Drama wants to repeat itself over and over, I should have expected Papa Chairman wasn’t going to be anything new. A little disappointed on how Papa Chairman turned out but evening bigger I Won. Dude, you want the girl you fight for the girl. Be smart and take all shares away from Dad and have your cake and eat it too. I get the feeling Tan just might do that, but he probably should have waited until he got his pay.

 Poor Hyun Joo having to sit there while Papa Chairman tells Won, she isn’t of the same class as you. I think I would rather have the envelope money sliding across the table. Rather have the dirty money than to hear dirty words. All I can say Hyun Joo DO NOT accept Won back. He doesn’t deserve YOU, not the other way around.  I did enjoy Hyun Joo and Tan together. It seems Won does talk to her about Tan. WHY drama you don’t show Won and her talking. You are making me want to rip my hair out instead of loving you to death.
 Counting down to D-Day
Madam Mom actually is sad to see Mom leave. The look Madam Mom gives is just heart breaking. I am saddler about these two leaving each other than Eun Sang and Tan. Madam Mom and Mom may not be on the same level but they get each other. I am not sure Madam Mom can live without Mom.

My Secret Identify is …

Well the cat is out of the bag now. Hahaha!!! Good for Tan to stand up for one of his relationship. I really did like the Son and Mother moment.  Yes, his mom doesn’t want to destroy Tan’s future, but Tan wants a life without the secrets. Ha to Rachel for finally getting to see the other side of the coin. She wanted to know what was at Young Do and well Tan didn’t disappoint. I have to admit I respect Tan more than Won. Tan wouldn’t let go or let his Madam Mom take the fall. He held her hand and evening told his dad, “She is your woman. You should take better care of her.” Oh you tell him Tan. Where Won just let it all go without evening tell Hyun Joo. She had to hear it from his father. Yeah what a jerk move.


Over all, the romance isn’t moving me to tears. I am actually bored of the wishy washy. Don’t forget to add Young Do to the mix where he is mean and nice to than switch to blackmailing again. Grow a pair or just make out. I don’t care as long as you change because 8 more episodes of this someone just might die a horrible death.