Saturday, November 9, 2013

Heirs Episode 10: Remember, the enemy's gate is down

I have had a day or so to really think about what to write for this episode. Watching the episode again and reading the recap, I really don't have much to say. There were not a lot of highlights in the episode. Tan and Young Do are going to leave family out of their Battles which means Eun Sang is all that is fair in love and war. Lame ... on many accounts. First Eun Sang is not a shinny new toy to tug o war at. Sorry but this isn't romantic.

I do have to give it to Rachel's mom this week. Young Do's dad may think he can "control" Rachel's mom but he really can't. First Rachel's mom have money and a business, she doesn't really need Young Do. The marriage is just good business ... okay. Moving on, second she isn't dumb. She knows Young Do's father has mistress. I love how she tells him she will just meet "guys" in her office like he does. Omo ... you go girl. Really someone needs to put that douchebag in his place and save Young Do if at all possible.

Not surprised Won broke up with Hyun Joo. Won wants the company and could care less about anyone else. Case in point, his family. Okay so Chairman Daddy doesn't seem to be caring much about his sons. Well, I wanted to hope he wasn't the normal Korean Drama tropes Rich parents. Wishful thinking but I want to still hope that magic is real. 

Hyo Shin has a crush on his ex-tutor which is cute. Poor kid and the pressure he has at home. How horrible is it to hear he tried to kill himself? Um HELLO parents this is a call for help. You help your child but continue as the same but much sure he takes his meds. I can't wait to see how he plans to shake things up.

We are at the halfway point. I am having fun with the craziness of the drama but not over all loving it. It isn't living up to the hype at all. The drama is overly funded with to much on Young Do and Tan acting like 5 years old. GROW THE F**K up already. I think I am more annoyed with this drama unlike some of the others going on. There isn't a spark. Some episodes are better than others. 

Yet, I don't really care for any of the characters. There hasn't been anything to really dig deep and have an emotion. Young Do is a scary messed up character. I like his character to a point but 5 episodes of the same-old crap. I am tried of seeing his father acted like a douchebag and than him turn around and do the same. Ean Sung can't decide am I strong or weak. Tan doesn't know what to fight for. Won is Won and the rest who cares. Okay I back track, Mom and Madam Mom are the only ones I look forward to seeing each episode. I want more. This writer has written some of my favorite dramas and this isn't coming close to my favorite ....