Thursday, October 31, 2013

Marry Him If You Dare Episode 6: Stop Forest Fires

To do or not to do the right thing?
Shin is truly growing as a character. When we first saw him, he couldn’t keep his tongue and think before saying. He has come a long way from dropping a bad word here and there to telling a young kid to not do it. The writer has made me fall for Shin with his growth. I can see why both Mi Rae’s may have fallen for Shin. Sure the other timeline Shin may not have grown-up but within this timeline we see him becoming closer to his co-workers, holding his tongue, standing up for others, and becoming a hero slowly in my heart. This is a true sign of good writing. Let’s keep it up.


Because You’re Special
Shin you are going to be the death of me. HELLO you like the girl. Please just admit it to yourself and pull the girl in and kiss her. He knows there is something about Mi Rae but he can’t put his finger on it. The scene he tells Mi Rae why he has taken her under his wing is just sweet. Sure Mi Rae wants to know about Yoo Kyung and him but Shin too wants to know if she is dating Se Joo. You two are going to continue to tip toe around this aren’t you. Granted, towards the end when he takes her hand … oh my heart just flutter.

We are the same or not?
Ajumma still thinks Mi Rae and Shin will not work. Evening if Mi Rae has changed that doesn’t mean Shin has. Well yes and no. Mi Rae has changed but what if her changing has changed Shin? Mi Rae isn’t going to sit and watch like she did in the other timeline. This time, she has taken a stand and told Shin off. She told him I will fight for myself. That is when Shin changed. He saw this nobody girl because a strong, powerful girl, ready to take on the world. Shin is thinking of others because of what he has seen in Mi Rae. At least this is how I see it. 

Fire!!! FIRE!!! Prevent Fire
The story of the fire was interesting enough. Cheesy to a point but it did put some interesting thought. By knowing the future, will it change when you try to change it? How much of the future will you change by stopping it? What will be the backlash of this? 

I am Batman
So Se Joo’s secret is out of the bag. Yoo Kyung knows he is a chaebol and really her boss. It is their secret which will help them stay closer. Yet, Se Joo still only sees Mi Rae. He doesn’t want Yoo Kyung to tell her about who he is afraid she will run away. Funny point, Ajumma has already toward her but Mi Rae doesn’t care about money. She has a dream of making something for herself despite her Oppa’s want of getting her married. Going back to Yoo Kyung, she is kind of growing on me as a character. I see her side of the story and kind of feel bad. Ajumma took her happiness away when she changed time. It seems time/fate is still trying to correct this mix up but we shall see.

This drama isn’t wowing me, but it is a solid show. The writing, the characters … over all the show is doing a very good job of keeping me entertain. All the characters impress me each episode. I can’t seem to pick which OTP I should be rooting for. I feel for all the characters and just want them to find their HEA in their own terms. I think this drama isn’t going to end unhappy but I feel heartbreak is in my future.