Friday, October 4, 2013

Day 18 (30 Day Challenge)

Worst Ending in a Drama?

This is going to be a newer drama. This ending made me just want to throw myself off a bridge.    Why Hello there Gu Family Book ...

Gu say hello to the shark you just jumped over. I know this is a really new drama so if you don't want to know the ending STOP reading NOW!!!

Are you back yet? Fantastic ... you agree with me right? This was the dumbest ending. I am not sure the writer really thought out the ending when she was writing page one of the first episode. 

The ending to Gu had our Yeo Wool die in the arms of her beloved Kang Chi. The scene of goodbyes was sweet and romantic with a little humor. I mean you knew she was going to die when that darn warning about meeting a man with the moon and cherry blossoms. HELLO ... this is just not a good start for our main leads to end up together. Sadly, Yeo Wool left this world. Kang Chi never did find the Family Book to make him human (which that is another problem with the drama). 

Fast forward to modern day ... huh what ... why are we in the present? Seriously!!!! Seriously this is what we are going to end this drama with. Hello Jump please meet Shark ...

If the writer did something along the lines of Return of Iljimae. Begin in the present than tell the story in the past. Show how these two times connect not to assume I will eat the BS you are trying to feed me (just saying).