Thursday, October 17, 2013

Marry Him If You Dare Episode 1 & 2: Choices Your Future Self Will Thank You For

Na Mi Rae is a 32 year old who works at a call center who happens to meets her future ajumma self. Her crazy future ajumma self tells Mi Rae not to drive that day. If she does, fate will let her meet the one she is destined to marry.  Ajumma Mi Rae really isn’t letting us know much about why. I know I know … spoilers, but gosh darn it I like reading a little bit of spoilers. Mi Rae listened to her crazy self and missed the opportunity to meet the man. Ajumma Mi Rae informs Mi Rae the man in the car will kill the person she loves the most. Okay now it is getting interesting …

The destined man is anchorman Kim Shin. He is an uptight; arrogate man with a potty mouth. We first meet him on his last day as an evening news-man. He is getting kicked out of his seat to a morning show program. I actually like his flaw of a dirty mouth. The fact he is so uptight about what he says but when he others aren’t around he lets the dirty words fly. Oh how charming he is …
Yoo Kyung is a report who Shin hit instead of Mi Rae. Not much is known about the second lead, but it seems Shin and Kyung are getting chummy.

Meanwhile future Mi Rae wants herself to marry Park Se Joo.  Ajumma Mi Rae uses her future knowledge and gets Mi Rae to Jeju Island to become Se Joo’s love. Se Joo is a chaebol … isn’t there at least one in a drama … who actually believes the money he gets is his grandmothers and the shareholders. That it isn’t his money. Holy crap batman … a chaebol who not only knows the money isn’t his but is willing to work at the bottom by choice as a VJ despite his grandma wanting him to forget it. Screw Mi Rae … I will take him.

This is such a better choice for Yong Hwa to play. The fact he was supposed to play Choi Young Do in Heirs, I am totally glad he picked Se Joo instead of the annoying bastard of a character Young Do. Yong Hwa doesn’t have the best of acting chops but Se Joo really fits him or he just got better acting. Heck it could be is co-star (wink-wink). I have to give it to Se Joo for really wanting to learn the business as a VJ. His undercover boss act really shows his true colors. He wants to learn how it really works without them knowing who he is so they don’t just accept whatever he says regardless if it is right or wrong.  I love the writer and hate them at the same time. I know you will just build Se Joo up and make me fall in love with him to than crush my heart towards the end. Se Joo is the second lead which means … he won’t get the girl … unless this isn’t about Mi Rae and Shin getting together regardless of what fate wants. 

Getting ahead of myself now … Se Joo falls for the water nymph Mi Rae. She almost made the choice to kill herself and end the unhappy life of hers. Ajumma Mi Rae actually is a little upset she told her to die again? SPOILERS! Hate them … So has this happen before? Has Ajumma  Mi Rae been visited by her older self too when younger? Is this the second time this has happen? We don’t know the time travel rules. For all we know it could be a big ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey. It seems that fate is still trying to get Shin and Mi Rae together since they got into a car accident. At this point, these two are supposed to meet, but are they suppose to be together? Meeting is a set point in time for these two but is it a set point for those two to fall in love? Are things already destined for us and we aren’t allowed to change them by taking a different route? Long story short Mi Rae gets a job with Shin on his third team for his morning program. 

Se Joo gets a chance to see his water nymph. Mi Rae gets to meet who her future self wants her to marry. Mi Rae still thinks her ajumma self is crazy but see Se Joo as a good man and who has the same taste in music as her. Mi Rae’s brother isn’t happy she is working at the same station. But really her brother is kind of a douchebag. Mi Rae actually has some talent for being a broadcasting writer and her brother can’t touch her. 

Shin gets a visit from Ajumma Mi Rae. An emotional Ajumma Mi Rae only sees him as the bastard who killed the one she loved. She continued to ask him questions he can’t answer. Of course Shin thinks she is talking about Mi Rae “her daughter”.  Shin thinking this is a conspiracy between “mother and daughter” over the license and hit-and-run, goes to fine Mi Rae. One of the other writers tells Mi Rae to quit the job due to the age difference. Mi Rae meets with Shin who throws water in her face and informs her he will just sue her for the threat. 

Mi Rae finally gets her backbone and finds out he is the bastard who will kill the one she loves. Well, he isn’t going to harm her since she only loves herself. She will not pretend to be happy anymore but will work hard for her dreams and goals. Se Joo over hears her speak and follows her to another room. Mi Rae breaks down and says she is not okay ... well crap Se Joo give her a hug. 

I have fallen in love with this drama. Please drama keep being sweet, charming, and good. Do not disappoint me. I know you will break my heart with Se Joo but don’t just kill me with the body to be eaten by animals. Really I like the idea of changing your fate. I want to see Mi Rae become a stronger person. I want her to stand up for herself and to have the spark that her Ajumma self seems to have gain. Speaking of Ajumma Mi Rae with her messing with fate, be it ill or not, will there be changes to the future? As of right now, Mi Rae could have a different future due to not meeting Shin already and Se Joo fallen for Mi Rae. Will Se Joo become a power house figure in the future since he has fallen for the water nymph Mi Rae? Will Shin change from the murdering bastard since he didn’t cause Mi Rae’s accident for there first meeting? I have so many questions this drama better deliver in answering them or I am going to break up with it.  Can’t wait to see where there time travel journey takes me …