Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Slash fiction by the fans or for the band?

K-Pop fan can be really crazy. Did you hear about EXO’s fans showing up at a members brother’s wedding? Despite the crazy fans, the other percentages of fans are really a creative bunch. These fans will make home-made MVs, artwork, blogs, and fanfiction.

Fanfiction is fan writing of a favorite drama, actor/actress, a movie, comic and so on. These fans write a story which could continue an ending of a TV show or book when the story has ending by the original author.  If you are a fan of K-Pop, you probably at some point have found a fanfiction story about said K-Pop group.

Everyone know slash fiction is out there for massive fans to read. Heck, You’re Beautiful had a scene in the drama of Jeremy reading Slash Fiction. Answer Me 1997 didn’t shy away from the weird things fans will do including Shi Won writing fanfiction of her favorite group H.O.T. For crying out loud, she became a writer due to her Slash Fiction. 

Monstar on the other hand gave a reason why fans write what they do. Seol Chan Oppa tells Eun Ha to stop writing the slash fanfics. Eun Ha explains the thought of their oppa idols dating each other is less heart breaking to a fan than if it was another girl. It is a little crushing to find out the guy you like is with someone else. Yet on the other hand, it isn’t like these Oppas is the boy next door who just doesn’t notice you. 

With that being said, are the fans really to blame for these slash fanfics? Sure it is disturbing to the idol. However, when the idol does performances like in the gifs in this blog I am not surprised fans get creative by writing these boys together. It is about perception. In my opinion, seeing a performance like this is down right hot. I perceptive these two must be really close to perform with easy. For non K-Pop fans, they might ask if these two are gay and together. 

 Sure there are groups that don’t do performances like the gifs but still have fans write slash fanfic. Than maybe Eun Ha from Monstar has a point. Maybe this is as close a fan will get to their Oppa.What do you think?