Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Day 29 (30 Day Challenge)

What is something you hate about Asian Dramas?

We could talk about all the annoying tropes until we are blue in the face but really what annoys me is the English in Asian dramas. Most of the actors don’t speak English very well and yet their character is supposed to be fluent.  Than you have fluently speaking actors and they have issues speaking English. It is like someone putting their nails on a chalkboard. It hurts my ears hearing it.

I can say if it is the actor or the writing that is at fault. I understand the writer may not know much English but know has to write a screen where her Chaebol is speaking English to an American businessman. Better yet an “American” (who really isn’t from the US) speaking English to the actor.   Heck, I could blame the director too for not telling the English actor to NOT OVER ACT!!! 

Now there have been some actors who do a pretty go job of speaking in English. Furukawa Yuki from Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo, had some lines in English and man did he nail them. Sunny Wang from In Time With You is another actor who did a awesome job of delivering his English lines.Which means the lines can be said without it sounded just wrong and dumb at the same time. But than again was it the actor who gave the lines, the writing of the lines, or the director well directing the actor to get the lines said the correct way?
The people behinds these dramas try to find the best actor/actress for their dramas. I just hope they don’t hire the first person that can speak English for some of their dramas. There are tons of English speaking teachers in the country. You think someone behind the dramas wouldn’t want to maybe hire one and make sure the English sounds like someone actually talking. 

Just like Kpop the choices the people behind the curtains make when it comes to English just blows the mind. Heck I bet if they just ask a random English fan or person they wouldn’t mind helping correct the English or tell the director English people don’t really over act when speaking in English.

Maybe it is something that will never really change and the stereotype will continue. I will still cross my fingers this will not be the case.