Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Heirs Episode 1 & 2: Dear Diary

I heard some interesting stuff about the really rich kids at Jeguk and some happens with Jeguk group.

Kim Tan is actually a bastard to Jeguk’s group CEO. Don’t tell anyone I said this Diary. His real mother is actually the mistress but everyone thinks the second wife is the mother. Tan’s half-brother Kim Won pretty much told his younger brother to get lost in the US and not do anything but enjoy his money. Tan doesn’t know what he should really do with his life. A friend of mine says he is kind of stuck in between limbo land of wanting to dream and being told dreaming is pointless. Poor guy lives in a royal sageuk drama in a modern day world including having a bride-to-be.

Speaking of Kim Won … okay so he isn’t the niciest person in the world but damn he is good looking. Sure he is trying to take over Jeguk’s Group but I think there is more to the false face he puts on. I mean his nanny is now his step-mother. I don’t think Won grew up with a happy childhood. Maybe I can find out what trouble past Won had growing up. Diary do you think he might be happy with his lot in life if he could lot go of his past issues? I hope I get to see him smile … than again a smile on his face might kill me.

Choi Young Do is a rich mobster. I have seen him bully the kids at school and how he treats the people keeping his empire standing. He does have a “Cruel Intentions” going with his soon-to-be step-sister in Rachel. He teases that his step-sister is his type much like Sebastian in the movie did. Not to mention, he has that creepy smile Ryan Phillippe would give. 

A shame he isn’t into sleeping around, hmmm shirtless Young Do… I might grow to like him without his shirt but for what I have seen of him he isn’t someone I want to get to know. I don’t care what his IQ is but he is just dumb and annoying … maybe he will grow a heart … what am I saying … can money grow on trees? I know I am dreaming but I am allowed to dream.

Rachel Ryu is just spoiled rotten. She totally has the bitch part of Kathryn from “Cruel Intentions” but nothing else. She believes she is entitled to her money. I do like her mom by telling her she won’t get anything. A shame her mom won’t just take it away and make her rotten daughter work for it. Sometimes I wonder what rich parents are thinking letting their kids run wide. Rachel is Tan’s bride-to-be or so she thinks. She thinks this engagement is made of flowers, rainbows, and puppies. A love match. This girl needs to be put in a mental hospital. When a guy doesn’t answer the phone or call you, it normally means he don’t like you. I mean I think this was know to everyone …  I can’t wait to see her face when her “love” breaks up with her.

Yoon Chan Young is adorable and sweet. How do I become BFFs with him? I could totally be friends with him. Sadly, he is studying far away for us to become friends. But maybe one day our paths might cross to be BFFs. Than again maybe I don’t want to be friends with him since his girlfriend, Lee Bo Na is psycho!!! You could be asking Chan Young for directions and Bo Na thinks your stealing her boyfriend. I guess if I was Chan Young’s friend, I would tell him he needs to find a saner girlfriend. It will keep him healthier.

 Cha Eun Sang is actually Chan Young’s best friend and her mother is Jeguk’s housekeeper. I heard her mom can’t speak and signs to communicate. Also her sister took off to the US to study but I heard from a friend she isn’t going to college. In fact, Eun Sang’s sister pretty much ran away from home to get away. Eun Sang works pretty hard. Every time I see her she is working one job or another. Eun Sang said something about seeing her sister wedding but I heard the wedding is a fake. Another  lie for their mom to give money to the run away sister. 

 I know Eun Sang seems to have a crappy life but I think things will change. I mean a friend of a friend saw her and Kim Tan together in the states. They said Tan was staring at Eun Sang and it was down right HOT. Eun Sang deservers to be Candy Girl and get the hot, chaebol guy. Maybe Tan can give her the chance to dream for a better future for herself, her mom, and maybe just maybe evening Tan.

So far they aren't completely boring to watch but that could change giving time. I will keep my ears and eyes out for more information about these lovely kids.
Well Diary I got to go … one of my neighbors is at the door. They probably with some information on the Suspicion Housekeeper next door . I promise to tell you everything soon.