Monday, October 7, 2013

Day 21 (30 Day Challenge)

A Drama that should get a redo?

The Moon that Embraces the Sun. This drama was only focus in one aspect of the plot which couldn't develop past the lost love part of the plot.

Despite enjoying the kids first part of the drama, the kids had way to much time on screen. Yes it was a set up of what would have happen with the adults but it lasted way to long. Probably one of the reason some of the adults just never lived up to their counter part.

Another snag in the plot was the lack of Seol's "witchy powers" or her mentalist deductions. It would have been interiguing
seeing her fool those evil doers by scaring the crap out of them with her "Psychic ability". Not to mention she is the Heavenly Moon who will reveal the wicked deeds. In the first episode the Shaman Ahri told Lord Shin, he is the villain and his wrong doings will be shown by the moonlight because it has seen it all.

Hello writers did you forget what you wrote? This would have been a prefect foretelling of what is to come. And when Seol's memories came back, she tells astrologer "the girl will not cry anymore". No because she is the moon who will show everyone the evil they have done to her and the rest of the country. She would use her mentalist ability and fight against the wrong in the kingdom.

Strong, Powerful lead female Seol/Wol she is not. The writers set it up Seol could be a force you didn't want to miss with and they made her such a weak character. She could be helping Hwon fight the bad men who are killing his people and holding his hands behind his back, but nope she sits behind a screen waiting for him to come up with a plan to defeat the bad men.

Dear Drama gods why did you tell us of her mentalist deductions if she would NEVER use them? Not to mention, the Shaman Ahri telling the Lord Shin about his wrong doings and the Moon? A mean if a Shaman is telling someone about something Mystic you think it would come back and bite you in the butt. Not in MoonSun. It is just filler that will never be used.

Oh and don't get me started on the lack of Jung Il Woo's character. I still to this day have no idea the point of his character. A great actor and no used well. He was there to be apart of the wheel of the main characters love but still. He could have been used for more. Just like Hwon's Queen. She did nothing but whine and had no back bone. Very annoying and pointless throw away characters. If these two where the other Moon and Sun, hello use the characters. Develop them. Oh wait, this isn't something the writer knows who to do. 

I think in the right hands MoonSun would have been a fascinating show. Sadly, it was a poorly written show with no idea of what it wanted to be but a first love drama with no real subsistence. It has the potential to be a great drama than what is was and is on my list for a redo.