Friday, October 25, 2013

Heirs Episode 6: Do you pick the Red Pill or the Blue Pill

The truth between friends
Chan Young knew Eun Sang was staying at Tan’s place. Once he knew that Tan was back he could have hinted it at her. Heck, it probably would have been a good idea to say something before. Chan Young didn’t know Tan was saying in Korea, but did you not see the looks Tan were giving your BFF? I mean they were HOT. Sure it isn’t going to change her home situation but it probably wouldn’t have hurt to find out her BFF knew.


The Class structure
We finally see the breakdown of the school system.
First Class - Chaebol Sons and Daughter; Heirs to Business (Young Do and Rachel)
Second Class – Stockholder Heirs (Bo Na)
Third Class – Children of Powerful people; Lawyers, Judges, Congressmen, generals (Hyo Shin and Myung Soo)
Fouth Class – Charity; scholarships (Chan Young and Eun Sang)

As of right now, we don’t know how Tan really fits in with the school. He isn’t 4th or 3rd. His father has him as an Heir but is he also a Stockholder too? Eun Sang does have something others don’t in her class which is Chan Young. Her BFF of 10 years is something he never had when he started. Heck, the fact she knows Tan, Rachel, Bo Na, and meets Chan Young gives her a little leverage or could make school a nightmare. Truthfully, this set-up is a little Boys Over Flower. There better be some meat to the plot soon.

The playfulness of Madam and Maid
Okay I have to talk about the funnies of these two. Mom is pretty humorous.  She dresses up to play act a movie roll just for kicks and giggles. LOL!!! Madam Han may doesn’t like her choice in movies. I think deep down she likes Mom. In the end, Mom truly does help out Madam Han. Sure she will use a little blackmail to get her daughter into the house but she probably learned it from her. I just wished Madam Han would be just a little bit nicer to Mom. Let see some of this in the future.

New Money - overnight riches
Tan is trying to help the poor girl out by making her into a rich girl. Bo Na may not like the choice but it seems she is keeping her mouth shut for now. It is sweet Tan is protecting Eun Sang. In ways, they are kind in the same boat. They don’t want to deal with the drama of school. There is more important issue outside of school to deal with. Tan doesn’t know where his place is suppose to be since his brother pretty much nips at whatever he does including when it isn’t his idea. Eun Sang has a mute mother and no real future ahead of her. School is about the only thing which is set in their lives. A quiet life of going to school and maybe figuring out where to go from there is all they want. School drama has to come in between a quiet life. For Tan, he does need to be involved in the Drama at school since he started most of it. Eun Sang may already know this but she is a pawn, but I think this pawn will surprise others.  Plus it will be hard to keep your head down when Tan is trying to be a shield.

Lucifer or a flirt?
Young Do is down right scary. Is anyone else not sure if he is flirting or hoping to be terrifying? I can’t figure out what he is doing but he is creeping me the heck out. That smile isn’t helping me figure this out and sure isn’t helping out lead girl. His smile is just wrong on many levels. He wants to know what the relationship between Eun Sang and Tan is for what purpose? Is he interested in Eun Sang? Sure he said she is his but not in any romantic form more on the lines of a lackey. It may sound a little romantic but that wouldn’t be the case.

I will say Young Do’s father made a real piece out of him. He enjoys the violent plays of being a bully. He has the power finally where in his relationship with his father he doesn’t. This makes him complicated and an attractive character. In real life, this makes him a douchebag and future wife beater. Young Do is both those things on paper and screen but my gosh, is he a horrible human being. Please drama lets play on his deep complex life. The reason why he bullies is to gain the power he doesn’t seem to have in his life and with his dad. 

Young Do finds out “new money” is making deliveries and weasel’s her phone number out of the exchange. He also tells her when he sees her out sleep at the table he wants to protect her. Dude you are giving me mixed signals, I can only image what Eun Sang is thinking. Do you want to date her or scare the crap out of her? Can you just pull her pigtails and try to seduce her? Than again I am not
sure if you know how to seduce someone since you just like freighting them. That in itself would be hysterical to see. Young Do having to seduce someone instead of putting the fear of god in them.

The Bromance
LOVE the interaction of Chan Young and Tan. Sure Tan is telling Chan Young he is protecting Eun Sang by telling a white lie she is “new money”, but the only one who could destroy his good deal is her BFF. It seems like Tan has been on the receiving end of this. I can take a stab at who that might be. *Cough* Lucifer… Young Do *Cough*. That explains a bit of the reason behind his hate of Tan. Young Do doesn’t seem to like the girls his father brings home. Tan is a child from his Mistress pretending to be from the current wife, if Young Do knows this which it seems like could clarity another reason for Young Do’s hate towards Tan. 

But back to the other bromanc of Chan Young and Tan, Bo Na arrives to see her boyfriend only to  find her ex and boyfriend together. I can’t wait for Tan and Bo Na two to actually talk with each other and get all their feelings out in the open. Bo Na is started to grow on me. I genuinely am having fun with her character. Chan Young is a good fit for her. Oh but the battle of wit between Tan and Chan Young about why Bo Na is acting that why. You’re an old car. How cute are they …

Stand Up and Speak out Against Bully
Here is my soap box because I abhorrence the scenes where the poor kid getting bullied and NO one was doing anything. What the heck is wrong with this school? Okay sure these kids have power but that doesn’t give them the right. HELLO there is a saying about power comes great responsibilities. I am totally taken the Spiderman quote because it is a good one.  Eun Sang record what is happening, tell the school to do something or go to the media. Heck, I don't think any of those rich family will be happy to see people taken their business else where because their kid is douchebag. Not to mention stocks would go down. Oh and don’t forget the public out cry that child of Judges and Congressman who should be taught right from wrong are seen not helping. Public opinion matters and if the media doesn’t want to show it, there is always the internet to get peoples attention. 

Young Do may not have started the whole mess of bullying others. It seems Tan made the rules and Young Do just kept them when Tan left. Yet, Tan has power and does nothing. My expectation of Tan is to see him fight against what he started. I am assuming Tan got some humble pie when Young Do found out about his true mother/mom and he turned from friend to foe. Please Tan turn the wrongs into rights and become a better human being. Please lets give Eun Sang something more than poor Candy girl too while we are at it Drama. I want to see Young Do taken down a peg or two and maybe just maybe see him become an improved person. 

-          Off the soap box –

My TWO sons 
Papa Chairman has never introduced Tan to his board of directors. Interesting … But what is his end game now the directors know who Tan is. I am not sure this is going to mend the bridge between brothers. It may help Drama to tell or show us what cause the rift between brothers. Maybe Papa Chairman needs to have both brothers on the same level to mend the problem. Tan needs to fight for something and not to try to appease his brother because of all the good that has done. Heck maybe Papa Chairman wants these two to come together and bring peace and to continue a strong business. I am beginning to sincerely fond of Papa Chairman. Don’t disappoint me. 
Heirs haven’t done anything innovating with the plot. The show still is building up the conflicts and directing the characters. Due to the slow buildup it does make the drama feel long. In the dramas favor is the witty dialog. The writer is good at making children act like adults but are really child in the end. Unlike Gentleman’s, the writing was fun and fluffy but over the top. Sure it is about men not wanting to give up their youth but having them act like children was just grating to a point. The writing in Heirs fits the characters and gives them dept. Heirs hasn’t made me spellbound but relishing in the ride.