Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Day 23 (30 Day Challenge)

A drama story that drives you crazy?
All the versions of  Itazura Na Kiss. The story really is dumb if you look at it from the outside. 

Irie Naoki is kind of a bastard. He is rude and down right mean to Aihara Kotoko. He isn't a nice guy towards the girl. I hate how the character of Kotoko just lets him be mean towards her. Either by letting him tell her she is dumb to string her along. 

Kotoko should have let him go. She kept giving him a chance which just drove me crazy. HELLO Naoki didn't change the first time you went back why should he change the second, third or wait the fourth time will be different. Please wait while I do bang my head against a wall.

Okay she loves him, but love chances like the direction of the wind. Not to mention Kotoko's relationship with Naoki just reminds me of an abusive one. He bullys and puts Kotoko down and she just runs right back to him. Sorry but Kotoko is not a very strong character.
Someone needs to let Kotoko know she is  like a recovering addict who's dating crack. It just isn't going to work. Not to mention, she had a best friend who had a crush on her. He may not be a genius like Naoki but he had a kind and caring heart. Unlike Naoki who I am not sure if he evening has a heart.

Okay to be fair to Naoki, Kotoko is kind of a staker.