Thursday, October 24, 2013

Heirs Episode 5: Welcome to Wonderland

Secret Identities

Tan found out in the last episode Eun Sang has been living in the same house as well kind of a maid. Her mom happens to be the maid in the house. I am glad he found out first. It shows what kind of person he is going to be if he tells her. He now understands why she hates the Jeguk Group but really it is Tan’s mother she truly hates. The way she treats her employees is just distasteful. Of course, we don’t see Tan in the room when she is being at her meanest. But I wonder if he would have stopped his mother from her naughty ways before he knew who the maid’s daughter was. 

Tan seeing how Eun Sang whole world is in this small little room way off from the main house really makes him think to a point. Sure he has problems which we don’t really know what happen to cause them but seeing someone in a worst situation than you could make him open his rose color glasses. The world isn’t just a box. Tan is seeing there is kind of more in the world than just the problems in the box. 

Guy and Woman problems?

Wow that lunch between Won and Hyun Joo couldn’t have been more awkward. Hyun Joo is a girl who was able to accomplish her schooling because of the Jeguk Group. It seems she has some issues with how she got the money and Won being well nice and a boyfriend trying to give his girl a gift. Uncomfortable is very much a word I would use. What is going on between these two? Won likes her but she is not comfortable with Hyun Joo. I am beginning to think maybe the Papa Chairman has something to do with this.

Manager and CEO scandal …

Am I the only one who gives to figs about Rachel’s mom and Manager Yoon? I get the writer is showing how scandalous the world of Heirs is and will be. Yet I just don’t care of these two together … heck I could care less about Young Do’s father too. What a bastard that one is …

16 Candles? 

Tan following Eun Sang around is pretty humorous. I am not sure what he expected when he shows up at her school. I mean she spent the whole time in the US giving him money to say thank you and don’t leave me in the street. Heck, she didn’t ask him for help to get home. She waited until her BFF got a hold of her. She isn’t your Candy girl who will jump into your arms with gratitude for coming to save the day. Instead she is going to work hard to pay the gratitude back. I do have to admit it was pretty funny he wanted Chan Young’s number to just ask for Eun Sang’s number. Good BFF for not giving the number to him. 

The lies you tell

Speaking of Chan Young … more screen time with him. He is cracking me up. When Bo Na finds out Tan is back the look on her face is amusing, but it is Chan Young who steals the scene. Bo Na lies it is a song she is thinking about. Chan Young just asks which one Big Bang “Lie” T-ara “Lie”. It is safe to say Chan Young can take care of himself.

I've got something up my sleeve

What is Papa Chairman up too? He is keeping tabs on his son which duh. Is he making sure his sons don’t following in his wondering eye foot steps. I mean we know he isn’t faithful to his wife. I am going to take a stab and assume Hyun Joo education was actually paid by Papa Chairman. This didn’t surprise me one bit when he offers his maid to send Eun Sang to Jeguk High School. I do have to admit the man has a point. Don’t assume because you were born in a low position you will stay there. Is this man an evil genius helping these girls become good woman to help his sons? Or is there another hidden reason? I got my eye on you Papa Chairman.

Crossing and blocking the Path

Young Do has become more interested in Eun Sang after her encounter with Rachel. I mean I don’t blame him finding her different. He is a smartass but there is something endearing about this encounter between these two. Eun Sang looks like she has fallen into the Rabbit hole. I can only image what being in the school for the rich is going to be like, but she is getting a taste with all these rich girls now. Can’t wait to see what type of relationship is going to come out of these two.

Secret Identities revealed 

Thank goodness Tan revealed to Eun Sang who he really is. It was only a matter of time before they would cross paths. He knew it since he almost got caught once. I know Eun Sang is hurt. Tan knew when they ran into each other at the gate. Not to mention, he knows she leaves in a tiny maid room. She feels like a fool and it just hurts. Her world is beginning to turn upside down and now she has to deal with her summer night dream turning into Wonderland. Yet it is how Tan ask … “Did I miss you?” It is beyond touching. I love how he asks the questions instead of telling her. It seems to mean more because he isn’t to sure and they are on the same footing dealing with what each other means to one another.

BFFs NOT 4-Ever

Tan and Young Do finally meet. OOOO …  why did these two break-up? I am guessing it has something to do with his mother. Tan’s other secret is who his real mother is. Did Young Do find this out? Apparently if this is the case Young Do is not much of a friend to care. Sure it is the world of the rich but still … I hope there is more to their break-up than parentage. Real friends wouldn’t care …

Being part of a meat sandwich …
Well isn’t this interesting …

The drama continues to be entertaining. It is still finding its footing and flow. There are some slow parts within the drama. So far the drama is giving a new spin on the Chaebol and Candy girl story. Sure it could hit all the normal tropes but I am crossing my fingers there is a twist in there. I am looking at you Papa Chairman. School is started and with it comes new problems and adventures. Here is hoping it is going to be a wide and fun ride.